Pronunciation of Helper
/hˈɛlpə/, /hˈɛlpə/, /h_ˈɛ_l_p_ə/

Antonyms for helper:

antagonist, foe, adversary, enemy, rival, opponent.

Synonyms for helper:

Sense 1

succorer, reliever, Coadjutant, varlet.

Sense 2

adjutant, harvester.



jack of all trades


Other synonyms and related words:

booster, assistance, succorer, avail, confederate, protagonist, adjutant, garter, colleague, handyman, ally, varlet, companion, Coadjutant, service, jockstrap, jock, reliever, assist, retainer, admirer, coadjutor, suspensor, champion, friend.

Sense 2 (noun)

reliever, succorer.

Sense 3 (noun)

adjutant, Coadjutant.

assistant (noun)

aide-de-camp, colleague, lieutenant, ancillary, extra, henchman, underling, ally, coadjutor, attorney, associate, aide, benefactor, auxiliary, patsy, proxy, minion, follower, partner, acolyte, appointee, menial, abettor, help, chaperone, backer, agent, assistant, helpmate, second, servant, supporter, junior, accessory, employee, subordinate, laborer, hireling, accomplice, deputy, backup, companion, adjunct, functionary, Coadjutant, flunky, attendant, friend, stooge, Aider.

benefactor (noun)

guarantor, patroness, Donator, contributor, savior, donor, patron, friend in need, provider, mentor, samaritan, sponsor, alms-giver, Good Samaritan, grantor, protector, supporter.

deputy (noun)

double, assignee, token, appointee, delegate, backup, ghost, spokeswoman, dummy, arm, envoy, alternate, figurehead, surrogate, stand in, spokesman, understudy, substitute, emissary, mouthpiece, representative, nominee.

follower (noun)

henchman, vassal.

messenger (noun)

errand runner.

servant (noun)

hand, help, peon, aid, helping hand, serf, pawn, chattel, subject, vassal, volunteer, worker.

subordinate (noun)


Usage examples for helper:

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