Pronunciation of Indignant
/ɪndˈɪɡnənt/, /ɪndˈɪɡnənt/, /ɪ_n_d_ˈɪ_ɡ_n_ə_n_t/

Synonyms for indignant:

Sense 3

choleric, sore.



Other synonyms and related words:

livid, angered, rabid, wroth, shadowy, ireful, riley, shadowed, choleric, ballistic, riled, Ticked, roiled, angry, inflamed, shirty, umbrageous, Fuming, wrathful, hot, infuriate, Hopping, Horn-mad, foaming, shady, outraged, Rankled, infuriated, steaming, sore, steamed up, teed off, cheesed off, apoplectic, warm.

angry (adjective)

furious, incensed, Fuming, exasperated, irate, pissed off, angry, livid, riled, wrathful, enraged, displeased, irritated, mad.

Sense 2 (noun)

choleric, sore.

indignant (noun)

umbrageous, outraged, angry, incensed.

Usage examples for indignant:

  • And his sister was as indignant as himself. - "The Woman of Mystery", Maurice Leblanc.
  • Dorothy was too indignant to speak. - "Dorothy Dale at Glenwood School", Margaret Penrose.
  • " But- but-" the solicitor stammered, with indignant eagerness-" but do know whose it is?" - "Denzil Quarrier", George Gissing.

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