Pronunciation of Laughter
/lˈaftə/, /lˈaftə/, /l_ˈa_f_t_ə/

Synonyms for laughter:

Sense 1

lightheartedness, heehaw, humorist, josh, blitheness, cachinnation, mirthfulness, corrosiveness, jive, farcicality, burbling, festiveness, ribbing, trenchancy, rippling, jocundity, twit, zaniness, merriness, cachinnate, jocosity, snigger, jocoseness, wittiness, gleefulness, humorousness, ha-ha, acridity, farceur, babbling, comedic, causticity, funnyman, drollness, sneering, funniness, ludicrousness, Jolliness, lampoonery, jocularity, satiric, canned laughter, ridiculousness, badinage, quipster, Comicality, scintillating, comicalness, scoffing, blithesomeness, risible, jokester, mordancy, bubbling, Gurgling.

Sense 2

absurdity, ludicrous, comic, guffaw, jester, droll, facetious, acerbity, mordacity, Fleer, laughing, derision, scoff, jollity, jeering, witty, ridiculous, takeoff, sneer, joviality, jeer, raillery, merrymaking, hilarious, conviviality, farcical, gale, mirth, comical, joy, witticism, sport, ride, festival, sarcasm, taunt, mocking, chaff, drollery, sarcastic, gibe, giggle, humorous, comedian, jocular, chortle, hilarity, acidity, snort, satirical, revelry, ridicule, festivity, sidesplitting, chuckle, banter, gaiety, cackle, rejoicing, parody, lampoon, mock, deride, snicker, laughable, glee, derisive, titter, zany, jocose, funny, comedy, clown, fun.

Sense 3

merriment, hoot, satire, rejoice, amusing, card, joker, insult, priceless, mockery, roar, riot, quiz, howl, smart, quip, sparkling, revel.

Sense 4

humor, imitation, gas, clever, rib.

Sense 5

celebrate, celebration.

Sense 6

panic, peal.

Sense 7


Sense 10


good humor


Other synonyms and related words:

humorous, snigger, boffola, acidity, clown, banter, satirical, quipster, merriness, twit, rejoicing, belly laugh, gaiety, boff, lampoonery, risible, peal, jollity, amusing, acridity, jocose, riot, ha-ha, laughing, blitheness, hilarity, festival, festivity, rippling, joviality, hoot, trenchancy, fun, zaniness, comicalness, laugh, jeer, bubbling, jape, farceur, hilarious, scintillating, lampoon, howl, conviviality, blithesomeness, jive, joy, horselaugh, snort, jocoseness, priceless, Gurgling, chuckle, farcicality, roar, scoff, merriment, merrymaking, jocundity, twitter, snicker, chortle, funny, jeering, titter, cachinnation, guffaw, taunt, clever, heehaw, humorousness, hee-haw, raillery, quip, comedian, wit, takeoff, cachinnate, giggle, mirthfulness, jest, glee, cackle, gleefulness, jocularity, gag, happiness, drollness, sport, gas, mirth, badinage, scoffing, ridicule, satire, revelry, farcical, jocosity, gibe, Jolliness, card, mockery, drollery, comedic, derision, celebrate, zany, ribbing, festiveness, mock, insult, joke, mordacity, jocular, Comicality, sarcasm, Fleer.

Sense 1 (noun)

merriment, peal, jeering, hilarity, roar.

Sense 2 (noun)

cackle, heehaw, cachinnation, guffaw.

amusement (noun)

guffaw, chortle, snigger, peal, cachinnation, cackle, glee, giggle, laugh, hilarity, snicker, roar, mirth, chuckle, snort, merriment, titter, rejoicing.

laugh (noun)

cachinnation, heehaw.

laughter (noun)


Usage examples for laughter:

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