Pronunciation of Madhouse
/mˈadha͡ʊs/, /mˈadha‍ʊs/, /m_ˈa_d_h_aʊ_s/

Synonyms for madhouse:

Sense 1

frenzy, hectic, bustling, busy season, Grand Central Station.

Sense 2

hum, lively, buzz.

Sense 3

full, active.

Sense 4


Other synonyms and related words:

chaos, hectic, bedlam, hellhole, pandemonium, sanitarium, inferno, hum, topsy-turvydom, hell on earth.

Sense 1 (noun)

hum, buzz, frenzy, peak, Grand Central Station, bustling, lively, busy season, hectic.

insane asylum (noun)

funny farm, booby hatch.

loony bin (noun)

sanitarium, nuthouse.

madhouse (noun)

booby hatch, nuthouse, crazy house, funny house, nut house, cuckoo's nest, sanatorium, funny farm, loony bin, snake pit, bedlam.

mental institution (noun)

nut house, loony bin.

place where mentally ill live; place full of commotion (noun)

chaos, loony bin, bedlam, pandemonium, sanitarium.

Usage examples for madhouse:

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