Pronunciation of Married
/mˈaɹɪd/, /mˈaɹɪd/, /m_ˈa_ɹ_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for married:

unwedded, single, unmarried, widowed, unwed, mateless, divorced.

Synonyms for married:

Sense 1

monogamous, conjugal rights, wedlock, premarital, spousal, unified, civil partnership, matrimony, polygamy, marriage of convenience, Arranged Marriage, mixed marriage, hymeneal, polyandry, mixed.

Sense 2

consummation, conjugal, marriage, nuptial, monogamy, connubial.

Other synonyms and related words:

marriage, hymeneal, ringed, unified, conjugal, nuptial, mated, connubial, marital, spousal, consummation, matrimonial, mixed.

attached (adjective)

extra, joined, augmented, Hitched, accompanied, merged, connected, extended, attached, related, embellished, bound, Annexed, Spliced, Suffixed, added, affixed, Prefixed, subscripted, additional.

conjugal (adjective)

wedded, hymeneal.

included (adjective)

enveloped, wedded, Encompassed, related, composed, involved, included, embodied, entangled, Comprised, enmeshed, incorporated, integrated.

joined (adjective)

synergistic, merged, amalgamated, Annexed, adjacent, related, juxtaposed, joined, connected, Abutted, consolidated, coupled, Adhered, Spliced, affixed, affiliated, bonded, wed, attached, allied.

wedded (adjective)

marital, united, mated, joined.

Sense 1 (noun)

consummation, conjugal rights, Arranged Marriage, marriage of convenience, civil partnership.

married (noun)

mated, ringed, wedded, wed, matrimonial, marital, united, joined.

attached (verb)

juxtaposed, Clung, merged, coupled, Adhered, attached, Abutted, related, bound, Annexed, connected, fastened, bonded, Spliced, stuck, affixed, Hitched, wedded, joined.

included (verb)

enveloped, included, wedded, embodied, Encompassed, involved, integrated, Comprised, incorporated, entangled, composed, enmeshed.

joined (verb)

coupled, Annexed, joined, bonded, Abutted, affixed, wedded, juxtaposed, amalgamated, Adhered, attached, connected, allied, Spliced, merged, affiliated, Clung, related, consolidated.

married (verb)

conjugated, Eloped, united, betrothed.

related (verb)

associated, Pertained, correlated.

Usage examples for married:

  • She and Mr. Wildred are going to be married." - "The House by the Lock", C. N. Williamson.
  • Elizabeth has married Blair. - "The Iron Woman", Margaret Deland.
  • Do you mean she was- married? - "By Wit of Woman", Arthur W. Marchmont.

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