Pronunciation of Master
/mˈastə/, /mˈastə/, /m_ˈa_s_t_ə/

Antonyms for master:

rookie, inexperienced, unimportant, servant, unskilled, amateur.

Synonyms for master:



Passe Partout

Passe partout.

Sense 1

headman, martinet, fellow, domesticize, employer, dissimulate, lunch lady, force back, rabbi, governing body, black belt, conquistador, young gun, hierarch, possessor, dab hand, merchant navy, protoplast, unlearn, school governor, jujitsu, first officer, choke back, bursar, shadow, martial art, hide, Kung Fu, fight down, honcho, orientate, karate, merchant seaman, bottle up, class act, first mate, cultivate, conceal, develop, wunderkind, deepen, merchant marine, guidance counselor, gulp back, judo, retrain, past master, hot stuff, dissemble, host, vice chancellor, hero, dictator, school board, train.

Sense 2

critic, chancellor, freshen up, remember, hone, talent, provost, mask, prototype, man, conqueror, demon, bite back, proficient, ace, masterly, teach, rector, keep up, keep back.

Sense 3

exponent, skillful, success, deny, maintain, senate, worst, holder, polish, disguise, stifle, natural, stand back, fight back, machine.

Sense 4

hold back, masterful, dam.

Sense 5

domesticate, deal with, smother, bust.

Sense 6


Sense 7


Sense 8


Sense 9

father, belt.

Sense 11


Sense 24
















Other synonyms and related words:

cardinal, arch, chancellor, skipper, great, reduce, subjugate, central, capital, past master, padrone, primary, main, seignior.

expert (adjective)

adept, skilled, proficient, masterly, skillful, ace, crackerjack, experienced.

main (adjective)

foremost, prevalent, predominate, paramount, grand, overbearing, ascendant, controlling, great, predominant, supreme, leading, sovereign, principal, original, chief.

master (adjective)

directing, commanding, Presiding, ruling, leading, governing, star, principal, head, senior.

sagacious (adjective)

brilliant, wise, sagacious, authoritative, philosophic, adept, intellectual, genius, intelligent, scholarly, expert.

superior (adjective)

choice, above, superior, ruling, chief, zenith, furthest, paramount, chosen, dominant, foremost, signal, predominant, champion, most, elite, quintessential, furthermost, uppermost, better, Headmost, controlling, sovereign, crowning, senior, supreme, eminent, consummate, maximum, commanding, king, leading, A 1, best, ascendant.

universal (adjective)

common, generic, prevalent, general, ubiquitous, omnipresent, mass, universal, collective.

veteran (adjective)

patriarchal, senior, experienced, expert, veteran.

Sense 1 (noun)

keep up, retrain, pick up, develop, train, main.

Sense 2 (noun)

headman, honcho, hierarch, exponent.

Sense 4 (noun)

conquistador, conqueror.

Sense 5 (noun)

domesticate, dab hand, ace, proficient, past master.

Sense 6 (noun)

employer, prototype, dictator, protoplast, father.

Sense 7 (noun)

black belt, martial art, karate, belt, jujitsu, masterful, skillful, skilled, judo, Kung Fu, masterly.

Sense 8 (noun)

conceal, deal with, keep back, bottle up.

Sense 9 (noun)


Sense 10 (noun)

chancellor, lunch lady, bursar, guidance counselor, governing body.

Sense 13 (noun)

merchant marine, merchant seaman, first mate, merchant navy, first officer.

artist (noun)

composer, artisan, dancer, sculptor, entertainer, picasso, singer, craftsman, author, painter, musician, performer, michelangelo, rembrandt.

chieftain (noun)


director (noun)

queen, conductor, general, administrator, superintendent, band master, overseer, baron, supervisor, foreman, warden, taskmaster, ringmaster, magistrate, ringleader, overlord, mayor.

expert (noun)

buff, sophisticate, whiz, adept, journeyman, professional, wizard, consultant, pro, artist, technician, maven, specialist, connoisseur, crackerjack.

expert, skilled person, female or male (noun)

connoisseur, winner, champion, shark, doctor, genius, artist, sage, professional, victor, wizard, whiz, maestro, maven, old hand, buff, savant, prima donna, authority, past master, virtuoso.

master (noun)

director, abbot, quartermaster, president, dean, squire, lord, mother, executive, headmistress, landlord, proprietor, officer, commander, mandarin, kingpin, padrone, leader, sire, commandant, titleholder, head, proprietress, headmaster, principal, ruler, landlady, guru, manager, governor, maestro, mahatma, star, captain, authority.

number one (noun)

numero uno.

original (noun)


person in charge, female or male (noun)

commander, director, employer, captain, instructor, chieftain, ruler, administrator, overseer, governor, swami, lord, overlord, guru, general, commandant, supervisor, superintendent, tutor, conqueror, owner, manager, taskmaster, head, teacher, boss, guide, skipper, pro, patriarch.

possessor (noun)

proprietress, landlady.

sage (noun)

savant, wise person, thinker, sage.

skipper (noun)

sea captain.

superior (noun)

nobility, virtuoso, superwoman, aristocracy, prize winner, victor, wonderwoman, premier, superman, champ, exceller, prodigy, winner, paragon, prima donna.

teacher (noun)

counselor, teacher, advisor, lecturer, coach, mentor, guide, schoolmaster, educator, trainer, schoolmistress, tutor, instructor.

veteran (noun)

old-timer, old soldier, old hand, gray-beard, patriarch.

cognition (verb)


command (verb)

coordinate, grip, reign, charge, hold, discipline.

defeat (verb)

crush, overcome, subdue, surmount, overthrow, overturn, overpower, checkmate, capture, defeat, outdo, humble, vanquish, subject, rout, beat, conquer, outplay, foil, trounce, win, quell, whip, triumph, trump.

direct (verb)

direct, boss, govern, administer, lead, oversee, command, superintend, manage, rule, supervise, conduct.

influence (verb)

empower, authorize, influence, affect, motivate, predominate, bias, pressure, power, prejudice, sway, control.

learn (verb)

discover, assimilate, glean, absorb, grasp, read, comprehend, study, learn, realize, understand, digest.

learn; become proficient (verb)

comprehend, study, pick up, acquire, understand, grasp.

master (verb)

direct, preside, manage, lead, rule, command, govern, head.

Usage examples for master:

  • Master said no one was to come in." - "Tom Swift and his Giant Cannon or, The Longest Shots on Record", Victor Appleton.
  • And the saddle is left with one Master Winter at Fairemount. - "A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia", Amanda Minnie Douglas.
  • In what way, young master? - "The Minute Boys of Boston", James Otis.

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