Pronunciation of Means
/mˈiːnz/, /mˈiːnz/, /m_ˈiː_n_z/

Antonyms for means:


Synonyms for means:

Sense 1

foxiness, tool, expediency, ploy, device, edifice, joined-up, shenanigan, wiliness, craftiness, best practice, methodology, circumstances, Interceder, organ, critical path, budget, guileful, contortion, improvisation, modus operandi, blunt instrument, handling, intermediator, slyness, the ancien regime, happy medium, middle way, half-measure, instrumentation, infrastructure, artfulness, accouterment.

Sense 2

go-between, outfit, scheme, ruse, method, utensil, jig, rig, apparatus, artifice, mechanic, materiel, subsistence, bureaucracy, procedure, wealth, subterfuge, crafty, technique, mediator, high road, formality, paraphernalia, broker, sledgehammer, imposture, convenience, cunning, tactic, Intercessor, science, finagle, scheming, feint, gimmick, wily, sly, knack, wile, livelihood, intermediary, stratagem, middleman, guile, mechanism, equipment.

Sense 3

facility, outlet, craft, sleight, road, fast track, material, mo, maneuver, convention, deception, setup, artful, tack, policy, foxy, turnout, conduit, shortcut, jockey, avenue, tricky.

Sense 4

gateway, basis, gear, key, system, treatment, plan, formula, dodge.

Sense 5

implement, measure, package, channel, routine, route.

Sense 6

operation, ticket, course, trick, secret, take in, drill.

Sense 7


Sense 8


Sense 10

sharp, machine, track, mean.

Sense 15

in, thing.

Sense 16








representative (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

channel, mechanism, method, budget, system, organ.

Sense 2 (noun)

tactic, basis, technique, procedure.

act (noun)

agency, way.

agency (noun)

vehicle, agency, instrument, delegation, empowerment, medium, proxy, machinery, lieutenancy, conductor, deputation, instrumentality.

circumstances (noun)

way of life.

means (noun)

substance, way, agency.

method (noun)


methods (noun)

ways and means.

possession (noun)


resource (noun)

revenue, wherewithal, capital, Resources, stock-in-trade, expedients, reserve.

resources (noun)

revenues, stocks in trade, reserves.

way, method (noun)

trick, paraphernalia, medium, instrumentality, vehicle, intermediary, channel, agency, path, manner, road, agent, fashion, gimmick, route, instrument, ways and means, system, step, machinery, dodge, mode, modus operandi, organ, equipment, technique, mechanism, measure, instrumentation, apparatus, factor, avenue, course, tactic, ministry.

wealth (noun)

substance, wealth.

wealth, resources (noun)

funds, budget, reserves, revenue, substance, wherewithal, riches, fortune, capital.

intends (verb)

proposes, considers, resolves, schemes, aims, intends, minds, expects, wishes, plans, endeavors, chooses.

means (verb)

implies, describes, denotes, explains, defines, connotes, signifies, indicates.

Usage examples for means:

  • I couldn't do it- not by no means." - "The Rebel of the School", Mrs. L. T. Meade.
  • Of course, you onderstand about being in my way means all along o' Harnah. - "Outpost", J.G. Austin.
  • Know what this means? - "The Monk of Hambleton", Armstrong Livingston.

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