Pronunciation of Meat
/mˈiːt/, /mˈiːt/, /m_ˈiː_t/

Synonyms for meat:

Sense 1

aliment, provender, hash, chow, victual, pap, Gravamen.

Sense 2

eats, pabulum, nurture, nourishment, quintessence, nutrition, stuff.

Sense 3


Sense 4


Sense 5


Other synonyms and related words:

eats, affection, eye, stub, point, shopping center, marrow squash, sum total, snapper, mall, summation, pump, stuff, Nerve Centre, spunk, nutrition, warmness, aggregate, pith, totality, nub, nourishment, join, fondness, gist, nerve center, sum, effect, meaning, victual, pabulum, union, foodstuffs, tenderness, bosom, tucker, burden, core group, nurture, ticker, victuals, warmheartedness, vegetable marrow, chuck, perfume, table, quintessence, shopping mall, chow, heart and soul, nubbin, Gravamen, nerve, bone marrow, edibles, provision, amount of money, pap, diet, meat and potatoes, nitty-gritty, center of attention, centre, vittles, mettle, aliment, affectionateness, plaza, hash, eatables, middle, inwardness, bull's eye, midpoint, means, keynote, viand, content, amount, substance, message, comestibles, Nubble, provender, sum of money, root.

Sense 2 (noun)

nourishment, nutrition, provision, victual, nurture, diet, aliment, chow, pap, eats, provender, pabulum.

Sense 3 (noun)

root, quintessence, Gravamen, stuff.

core, gist (noun)

heart, essence, nub, nucleus, kernel, burden, point, pith, substance, marrow.

fastener (noun)


flesh of animal consumed as food (noun)

food, grub, sustenance, victual, foodstuff, eats, aliment, chow, nutriment, fare, provision, nourishment.

focus (noun)

crossing, gathering, soul, polestar, axle, core, crux, kernel, nucleus, spirit, funnel, heart, intersection, epitome, essence, marrow, lure, rendezvous, rally, asymptote, lodestar, center, magnet, focus, hub, forum, bottleneck, plenum.

food (noun)

pap, victual, viand, vittles, food, eatables.

meal (noun)

consumption, taste, dinner, snack, ingestion, breakfast, foodstuff, feed, drink, bread, feast, morsel, grub, cuisine, barbecue, picnic, lunch, repast, nutriment, spread, board, eating, sustenance, banquet, food, fare, meal.

meat (noun)

sirloin steak, frankfurter, spareribs, turkey, smoked sausage, T-bone Steak, porterhouse steak, liver, heart and soul, rump roast, heart, flank, lamb, poultry, filet mignon, marrow, Meat Loaf, pith, ham hock, roast beef, pork chop, ribs, core, wiener, Canadian Bacon, roast, essence, beef, chicken, ground beef, sausage, inwardness, tenderloin, substance, mutton, center, veal, fillet, venison, nitty-gritty, meat pie, kernel, lamb-chop, loin chop, chop, kidney, hamburger, cutlet, tripe, flesh, brisket, pot roast, bacon, pork, hot dog, sirloin, sum, ham, nub, gist, minute steak.

pap (noun)


Usage examples for meat:

  • " What is it to you that they took me in, brought me up, and gave me meat and drink? - "Virgin Soil", Ivan S. Turgenev.
  • For My flesh is meat indeed, and My blood is drink indeed. - "Natural Law in the Spiritual World", Henry Drummond.
  • Love shall be both host and meat! - "My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year", John Henry Jowett.

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