Pronunciation of Moment
/mˈə͡ʊmənt/, /mˈə‍ʊmənt/, /m_ˈəʊ_m_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for moment:

triviality, insignificance, eternity.

Synonyms for moment:

Sense 1

jag, Significancy, date, JIFF.

Sense 2

opportunity, time, dalliance, short-term, concernment.

Sense 3

flirtation, bout, weightiness.

Sense 4


Sense 5


Sense 6


Sense 11


Sense 13


Sense 16






Other synonyms and related words:

here and now, flash, importee, wink, upshot, jiffy, consequence, place, act, JIFF, magnitude, significance, weightiness, bout, concernment, outcome, issue, routine, interest, importation, present moment, result, morsel, min, twinkling, number, point, momentousness, minute, import, matter, split second, implication, nanosecond, eyeblink, account, arcminute, timeliness, second base, bite, shake, hour, effect, crisis, opportunity, twinkle, burst, second, time, aftermath, Indorsement, date, chip, secondment, endorsement, sec, Significancy, dalliance, weight, flake, second gear, arcsecond, importance, tick, meaning, jag, signification, scrap, mark, irregular, fleck, minute of arc, piece, trice, bit, mo.

Sense 1 (noun)

short-term, time, bout, JIFF.

Sense 2 (noun)

tick, opportunity, twinkle.

Sense 3 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

weight, Significancy, importance, weightiness, concernment.

brief time period (noun)

juncture, jiffy, second, trice, JIFF, twinkling, time, occasion, flash, shake, wink, minute, date, twinkle, instant, sec, point, bit, tick, hour, split second.

chance (noun)


circumstance (noun)

event, occurrence, milestone, conjuncture, cardinal point, landmark, circumstance, situation, basis, status, incidence, condition, occasion, happening, instant, episode, juncture.

importance (noun)

consequence, momentousness, signification, magnitude, weight, weightiness, interest, significance, import.

moment (noun)

here and now, consequence, bit, second, present moment, import, minute.

split second (noun)

blink of an eye, nanosecond.

time (noun)

minute, instant, second.

transience (noun)

briefness, instantaneousness, transience, impermanence, transition, volatility, fleetingness, temporality, evanescence.

Usage examples for moment:

  • " In a moment, sir," said he. - "Hand and Ring", Anna Katharine Green.
  • Up to this moment nothing had been done as to Phineas Finn. - "Phineas Redux", Anthony Trollope.
  • Well, at the moment I just want to go to bed with you. - "The Samurai Strategy", Thomas Hoover.

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