Pronunciation of Mossy
/mˈɒsi/, /mˈɒsi/, /m_ˈɒ_s_i/

Antonyms for mossy:

bare, fashionable.

Synonyms for mossy:

antiquated (adjective)

fogyish, outdated.

green (adjective)

jade, green, leaf green, aquamarine, emerald, pea green, verdigris, olive, turquoise, verdure, grassy, beryl green, chartreuse, kelly green, absinthe, apple green, patina, lime, verdant.

vegetal (adjective)

fruity, herbal, algal, floral, plant-like, grassy, fungal, vegetal, flowered.

Sense 1

old fashioned.

Other synonyms and related words:

moss-grown, chromatic, obsolete, superannuated, neolithic, old fashioned, Noachian, unfashionable, musciform, mosslike, fossilized, outdated, demode, outmoded, demoded, stodgy, outworn, dated, medieval, unstylish, archaic, stuffy, covered, fogyish, stick-in-the-mud.

mossy (noun)

fogyish, chromatic, moss-grown, unstylish, unfashionable, stodgy, musciform, stick-in-the-mud, mosslike, out of fashion, covered.

Usage examples for mossy:

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