Pronunciation of Name
/nˈe͡ɪm/, /nˈe‍ɪm/, /n_ˈeɪ_m/

Synonyms for name:

Sense 1

name calling, trash-talk, brand, name after, answer to, reputation, single out, class, number off, appellative, put into, signature, entitle, call after, nickname, dub, rep, know, name for, big-name.

Sense 2

celebrity, repute, anoint, define, baptize, prefix, handle, declare, snub.

Sense 3

jibe, notable, characterize, lion, bear, go by, attach, specify, pick, luminary, put in.

Sense 4

personality, kiss off, hero, slight.

Sense 5

swipe, adopt, use, tab, tap.

Sense 6


Sense 7


Sense 8


Sense 11









single out.


call down, put down.




tell apart.

family name

maiden name.

first name



touch on.









Other synonyms and related words:

earn, rep, let out, standing, signature, disclose, expose, megastar, consult, christening, summons, signalise, bear on, anticipate, characterize, cook, send for, repute, prestige, call up, mark, learn, found, reboot, physical body, face, arouse, concern, break, notable, realise, handle, elevate, heel, number, chassis, declare, fix, micturate, denomination, thing, realize, have, hero, lift, pass water, personage, define, conjure up, strike, find, quote, relate, Fame, throw, give, denote, bid, reach, chance upon, squall, predict, frame, look up, spend a penny, patronymic, observe, unwrap, get word, discern, prestigious, recognise, place, handpick, estimable, light upon, style, famous, prognosticate, anoint, take, divulge, propose, forebode, prefer, kiss off, lion, list, relieve oneself, brickbat, cause, chance on, soma, call forth, put forward, pick, digit, clear, make out, secern, classify, superstar, indignity, hollo, shape, pretend, insult, attach, outrage, bring out, celebrity, see, induce, happen upon, attain, fig, delineate, human body, allude, gens, pick out, diagnose, notoriety, pay heed, nickname, adduce, make, vip, trope, get wind, cite, plant, phone, recognized, form, constitute, lay down, celeb, figure, let on, HIT, come to, shout out, nominate, slap, comprise, report, dub, noun, make water, advert, design, physique, reveal, attend, key out, call off, know, produce, reputation, mention, remark, pattern, specify, elect, draw, recognize, somebody, choose, bear, key, cherry-pick, determine, note, hold, call down, slight, detect, image, single out, shout, refer, nurture, gird, invoke, tell, pertain, address, conclude, esteemed, touch on, get a line, distinguish, personality, luminary, find out, flesh, discover, DO, gain, cognomen, notability, swipe, tell apart, barb, entitle, reputed, holler, arrive at, come across, give ear, respected, be, establish, stir, big-name, material body, slur, prepare, get, tap, appellative, fall upon, foretell, status, represent, character, conjure, use, figure of speech, create, get to, line, construct, bring up, describe, abduce, public figure, class, tab, build, account, progress to, bod, differentiate, enumerate, come upon, brand, take a leak, make up, boot, depict, hear, anatomy, lean, seduce, dart, STANDOUT, give away, baptize, denominate, bring in, prefix, stimulate, hang.

distinguished (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

determine, decide, patronymic, handle, signature, conclude.

Sense 2 (noun)

nickname, baptize, call after, answer to, name after, go by, insult, number off.

Sense 3 (noun)

hero, personage, celebrity, lion.

Sense 4 (noun)

put in, pick, tab, single out, put into, anoint.

Sense 5 (noun)

icon, superstar, appellative, vip.

Sense 6 (noun)

name calling, reputation, jibe, offense, cut, kiss off, character, slur, repute, rep, slight.

Sense 7 (noun)

notable, big-name, luminary, personality.

celebrity (noun)


dignitary (noun)


list (noun)


name (noun)

epithet, bring up, key out, note, patronymic, designation, character, denomination, call, advert, title, appellation, mention, identity, nominate, rep, cognomen, diagnose, constitute, notability, surname, somebody, discover, identify, brand, signature, key, make, luminary, moniker, describe, personality, term, nickname, style, gens, reputation, tag, notable, distinguish, repute, public figure, hero, report, figure, refer, cite, celeb, appoint, superstar, label, list.

nomenclature (noun)

identification, surname, honorific, moniker.

reputation (noun)

profile, infamy, track record, status, Fame, standing, prestige, public image.

title given to something, someone (noun)


very important person (noun)


word (noun)

nomenclature, jargon, verbiage, thesaurus, vocabulary, terminology, lexicon, word.

appoint (verb)

choose, assign, fix, determine, establish.

assign (verb)

deputize, authorize, refer, entrust, reference, attach.

attach (verb)

consign, place.

choose (verb)


delegate (verb)

charge, appoint, authorize, deputize, delegate, consign, commission, designate, entrust, assign.

name (verb)

define, commission, tap, list, cite, nominate, entitle, call, delegate, title, characterize, make, elect, denote, specify, denominate, remark, single out, tab, dub, recognize, nomenclature, classify, designate, declare, christen, appoint, mention, identify, mark, baptize.

Usage examples for name:

  • I heard Richard's name! - "The Frozen Deep", Wilkie Collins.
  • I told you not to speak her name. - "Lola", Owen Davis.
  • Now you will tell me your name? - "The Children of the New Forest", Captain Marryat.

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