Pronunciation of Off
/ˈɒf/, /ˈɒf/, /ˈɒ_f/

Antonyms for off:

unsoured, on.

Synonyms for off:

Sense 1

dosage, unbuckle, undress, fruity, batty, crackers, disembark, cash discount, slip out of, fling off, doff, brainsick, disrobe, economies of scale, deplane, twofer, trade discount, loco, special offer, embark, detrain, dotty, bananas, Daffy, abreast, markdown, contraindication, bonkers, slip off, bate, mentally ill.

Sense 2

demented, strip down, hop, discount, lunatic, screwy, Medicated, gaga, daft, subside, unbalanced, buggy, wacky, loony, free fall, distraught, mistaken, sluggish, cracked, nuts, peel off, potency, side effect, non compos mentis, nutty, erroneous, incorrect, tear off, shrug off, zap, inaccurate, shuck off, reduction, maniacal.

Sense 3

insane, untrue, disordered, unsound, wrong, slack, touched, moonstruck, dose, drug.

Sense 4

mad, Onto, alight, wipe, pull off, rub, take down, narcotic, fallacious, injection.

Sense 5

board, throw off, kick off.

Sense 6

down, destroy, get off, concession, get out of, get on, slow.

Sense 8

liquidate, catch.

Sense 10


Sense 11


Sense 13


Sense 15


Sense 16


at liberty




dishonest (adjective)


erroneous (adjective)

inaccurate, inexact.

gone; remote (adjective)

negligible, inoperative, outside, absent, small, slight, slim.

inferior; spoiled (adjective)

sour, substandard, unsatisfactory, bad, slack, rancid, turned, poor.

insane (adjective)

fruity, moonstruck, loco.

all (adverb)


apart, away (adverb)

aside, out, divergent.

Sense 4 (noun)


Sense 8 (noun)

mistaken, unsound, wrong, erroneous, incorrect, inaccurate, untrue, fallacious.

Sense 9 (noun)

fruity, nuts, nutty, lunatic, bonkers, crackers, disordered, wacky, Daffy, loony, dotty, buggy, distraught, insane, daft, non compos mentis, moonstruck, mad, bananas, loco, demented, gaga, touched, screwy, assassinate, unbalanced, cracked, brainsick, mentally ill, batty, maniacal.

Sense 10 (noun)

liquidate, zap, put away, destroy, waste, do in.

Sense 11 (noun)

reduction, special offer, twofer, concession, cash discount, discount.

Sense 12 (noun)

fling off, doff, kick off, disrobe, get out of, peel off, pull off.

Sense 14 (noun)

dose, Medicated, drug, contraindication, injection, dosage.

crazy (noun)


mistaken (noun)

wrong, mistaken.

off (noun)

forth, turned, away, soured, unsatisfactory, off-duty, sour, inactive, cancelled, disconnected.

Usage examples for off:

  • The question is, Might you be better off than you are now? - "Britain for the British", Robert Blatchford.
  • And of course he will at once write off and say he has seen me. - "God's Good Man", Marie Corelli.
  • Did it go off? - "The Bobbsey Twins in the Country", Laura Lee Hope.

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