Pronunciation of Profane
/pɹəfˈe͡ɪn/, /pɹəfˈe‍ɪn/, /p_ɹ_ə_f_ˈeɪ_n/

Synonyms for profane:

Sense 1

wicked, Fescennine, scatologic, raunchy.

Sense 2

ribald, scatological, bawdy.

Sense 3

scurrilous, smutty, hardened.

Sense 4

lewd, pollute, filthy.

Sense 5


Sense 7




all (adjective)

blue, secular, blasphemous.

disrespectful (adjective)


fleshly (adjective)


immoral, crude, disrespectful of religion (adjective)

vulgar, pagan, temporal, nasty, blasphemous, profanatory, godless, atheistic, irreverent, unconsecrated, indecent, dirty, irreligious, wicked, heathen, obscene, raunchy, impure, smutty, coarse, unhallowed, unsanctified, unholy, foul, filthy, worldly, sacrilegious, impious, sinful, ungodly.

impious (adjective)

unchristian, ungodly, unsanctified, blasphemous, unholy, wayward, fallen, unfaithful, unregenerate, sinful, godless, impious, irreligious, atheistic, sacrilegious, irreverent.

irreligious (adjective)

heathen, irreligious, impious, unbelieving, nihilistic, worldly, non-believing, godless, ungodly, disbelieving, undevout, non-practicing, faithless, atheistic, pagan, irreverent, secular, non-religious, Creedless, agnostic.

obscene (adjective)


vulgar (adjective)

crass, colloquial, animal, boorish, tasteless, common, ignominious, inelegant, philistine, glaring, tawdry, shameless, in bad taste, gross, ignoble, cheap, brazen, tactless, low, idiomatic, graceless, barbaric, broad, sordid, rude, coarse-grained, unpolished, salty, unseemly, revolting, offensive, repulsive, scandalous, homespun, chintzy, depraved, garish, vulgar, unbecoming, base, cockney, raw, earthy, coarse, clumsy, indelicate, undignified, rough, brutish, sleazy, degraded, gaudy, crude, rank, outlandish, ill-bred, obscene, unrefined, barnyard.

wicked (adjective)

unregenerate, wicked.

profane (noun)

violate, pervert, subvert, misdirect, blue, profanatory, demoralize, blasphemous, lay, temporal, irreverent, debase, laic, vitiate, deprave, outrage, sacrilegious, dirty, secularized, corrupt, unhallowed, unsanctified, unholy, demoralise, debauch, worldly, secular, desecrate, secularised, unconsecrated.

defile, desecrate (verb)

despoil, pollute, misuse, pervert, abuse, vitiate, violate, debase.

Usage examples for profane:

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