Pronunciation of Reason
/ɹˈiːzən/, /ɹˈiːzən/, /ɹ_ˈiː_z_ə_n/

Synonyms for reason:

Sense 1 (noun)

intuition, brilliance, wisdom, sanity, vision, common sense, acumen, judgment.

Sense 2 (noun)

ratiocination, logical, balanced, rationalism, rational, sensible.

Sense 6 (noun)

warrant, foundation.

Sense 7 (noun)

explain, rationalization, account, explanation.

Sense 8 (noun)

proof, why, argument.

Sense 9 (noun)


Sense 11 (noun)


Sense 12 (noun)

saneness, soundness, marble, Lucidness, lucidity, wit, sane.

account (noun)


evidence (noun)


explanation for an action (noun)

defense, excuse, apology, justification, account, ground, case.

intellect (noun)

intelligence, mentality, cerebration, understanding, brain, comprehension, rationality, brain-power, intellect, capacity, mind, reasoning.

intelligence (noun)

mind, smarts, acuity.

mental analysis (noun)

discernment, rationalism, mind, lucidity, inference, reasoning, logic, ratiocination, intellection, reasonableness, marbles, rationalization, apprehension, induction, acumen, sanity, comprehension, deduction, brain, saneness, wit, wisdom, soundness, rationality, intellect, sense, mentality, understanding, judgment.

motive (noun)


pretext (noun)

red herring, rationale, loop-hole, pretense, justification, stratagem, affirmation, claim, white lie, alibi, smoke screen, excuse, pretext, plea.

reason (noun)

inference, analysis, reasonableness, intellect, brain work, conclude, understanding, deduction, whys and wherefores, argue, reason out, ground, thinking, logic, rationality, thought, induction, cause, conceptualization, grounds, synthesis, cogitation.

reasoning (noun)


sanity (noun)

saneness, normality.

sense (noun)

sense, rationalness.

sound judgment (noun)

common sense.

thought (noun)


Sense 1

Kop, unfoundedly, commonsensical, intuition, illation, fallacy, unreasonableness, make sense, illogicalness, mitigation, I.Q., imagination, brain cell, smarts, intelligence quotient, mental age, vested interest, common sense, ratiocinative, figuring, ulterior motive, brilliance, presupposition, acuity, analytic, foresight, horse sense, Unreasoned, discretion, foundation, well-grounded, sagacity, judgment, presence of mind, ratiocination, taste, unwarrantedly, acumen, saneness, postulation, perception, illative, ingenuity, groundlessly, illogicality, why, invention, commonsensible, intelligence test, rationalization, levelheaded, open invitation, eq.

Sense 2

judicious, well-founded, excogitate, cop out, explanation, premise, Lucidness, irrational, insight, invitation, solve, warrant, wherefore, vision, rationalize, grasp, compute, root, logical, unreasonable, awareness, initiative, valid, consequent, rational, discrimination.

Sense 3

cogent, sane, calculation, sage, illogical, prudent, balanced, soundness, reckon, unravel, explain, educe, decipher, computation, analytical, lucidity, marble, deduct, appreciation, sapient.

Sense 4

necessity, law, account, reckoning, enterprise, judge, reasonable, sagacious, thesis, solid, evolve, reaction, get out, story, motivation.

Sense 5

intelligent, theory, assumption, proof.

Sense 6

wise, wit, just, understand, sensible.

Sense 7


Sense 9

tight, out.

Sense 11

draw, gather, cast.

Sense 17



mother wit.



good sense

wisdom, sanity.




sake, angle.






ratiocinate, thought, cerebrate.

argue, persuade (verb)

discuss, expostulate, contend, demonstrate, debate.

mentally analyze (verb)

infer, make out, study, cogitate, contemplate, deduct, rationalize, solve, reflect, conclude, ratiocinate, resolve, deliberate, cerebrate, think, gather, deduce, decide, speculate.

reason (verb)

deduce, cogitate, think, infer, synthesize, conceptualize, analyze, induct.

think (verb)

envision, evaluate, study, brood, cerebrate, contemplate, meditate, reflect, muse, calculate, imagine, ponder, debate, appraise, weigh, deliberate, consider, concentrate, speculate.

Usage examples for reason:

  • I really don't think there is any reason why they shouldn't, either. - "Delilah of the Snows", Harold Bindloss.
  • It wouldn't be a bad idea, but that's not the reason. - "The Tin Soldier", Temple Bailey.
  • He didn't reason about it. - "The Window-Gazer", Isabel Ecclestone Mackay.

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