Pronunciation of Sectarian
/sɛktˈe͡əɹi͡ən/, /sɛktˈe‍əɹi‍ən/, /s_ɛ_k_t_ˈeə_ɹ_iə_n/

Synonyms for sectarian:

Sense 1

separationist, rebel, separatist.

Sense 2

schismatic, dissenter, dissident, nonconformist.


denominational, reformed.

narrow-minded, exclusive (adjective)

parochial, partisan, dissident, factional, insular, nonconforming, nonconformist, fanatic, provincial, schismatic.

sectarian (adjective)

pagan, Fetishistic, heathen, unorthodox, atheistic, idolatrous, non-believing, bohemian, dissenting, barbarous, unscriptural, iconoclastic, pantheistic, heterodox, nonconforming, nonreligious, heretic, factional, non-Christian, unchristian, demonical, nonorthodox, animalistic.

denominational (noun)


person (noun)

Sectarist, Sectary.

person who is narrow-minded (noun)

separatist, rebel, heretic, zealot, dogmatist, bigot, dissenter.

schismatic (noun)


sectarian (noun)

partisan, denominational, narrow-minded.

separatist (noun)

separationist, schismatic, separatist, Sectary.

zealot (noun)

Salvationist, missionary, zealot, evangelist, crusader, sermonizer, fanatic, Bible-thumper, puritan, fundamentalist, faith healer, iconoclast.

Usage examples for sectarian:

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