Pronunciation of Snap
/snˈap/, /snˈap/, /s_n_ˈa_p/

Synonyms for snap:

Sense 1

sinecure, jump up, off the cuff, yappy, extemporary, resent, hold against, enthusiasm, spur-of-the-moment, speed, wire-haired, rat-a-tat-tat, vigorousness, unrehearsed, improvised.

Sense 2

facile, hackles, ease, grumble, walkaway, wag, extemporaneous, begrudge, rise to, offhand, extempore, wrench, effortless, impromptu, pop, fray, nip.

Sense 3

twitch, tug, beg, starch, slaver, yank, chafe, punch, simple, vitality, retrieve.

Sense 4

easy, howl, bark, sound, kick off.

Sense 5

explosion, boil, lurch, faithful.

Sense 7

fold, mind.

Sense 8

smooth, strike.

Sense 9

get into.



light touch





take a picture.

Other synonyms and related words:

photograph, bounce, piece of cake, breeze, grumble, duck soup, flip, pop, snarl, bang, starch, snapshot, punch, bark, jerk, shoot, pushover, cold wave, picnic, go, break, flick, ginger, offhand, rupture, grab.

spur-of-the-moment (adjective)


Sense 2 (noun)

bark, smash, pop.

Sense 3 (noun)

explosion, fold.

Sense 4 (noun)

howl, slaver, beg, faithful, wag, nip, retrieve, strike.

act (noun)

catch, grab.

cinch (noun)


cold front (noun)

cold wave.

easy thing to accomplish (noun)

cinch, picnic, breeze, child's play, kid stuff, duck soup, ease, walkover.

elasticity (noun)


energy (noun)

pep, vigor, drive, potency, power, activity, spunk, might, force, stamina, energy, spark, zeal, vim, strength, zip, fire, verve, effervescence, zing, spirit, puissance, vivacity, fervor.

enthusiasm (noun)


fastener (noun)

catch, cement, go-between, buckle, clamp, nail, anchor, brad, middleman, link, hinge, Vinculum, stitch, pin, hitch, bond, agent, rivet, hasp, tack, cinch, fuse, knitting, medium, seal, hook, clasp, suture, fastener, guy, coupling, chain, cincture, spike, fastening, clinch, braid, belt, weld, strap, button, splice, vise, stay, connector, bolt, zipper, binding, hawser, cleat, staple, brace, mucilage, mediator, latch, string, bonding, cotter, knot, binder, ligament, tie, grapnel, bracket, thread, paste, lace, rabbet, skewer, clip, glue, closure, lock, twine, band.

piece of cake (noun)

piece of cake.

pushover (noun)


snap (noun)

crepitation, pushover, boom, flick, duck soup, bump, thwack, clap, crash, shoot, photograph, walkover, smack, centering, breeze, report, click, clack, grab, catch, snatch up, rap, flap, piece of cake, rupture, child's play, whack, bang, picnic, knock, slap, thump, snarl, burst, cinch, tap, tear, bust, slam.

vigor (noun)


flip (noun, verb)


bite, seize (verb)

jerk, twitch, grab, nip, lurch, yank, catch.

communication (verb)


separate, break (verb)

fracture, click, pop, give way.

snap (verb)

click, knock, bump, flap, thump, tap, clack, bang, whack, slap, clap, thwack, burst, rap, smack, crash, slam.

speak sharply (verb)

flash, bark, snarl, grumble.

Usage examples for snap:

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