Pronunciation of Sweetheart
/swˈiːthɑːt/, /swˈiːthɑːt/, /s_w_ˈiː_t_h_ɑː_t/

Antonyms for sweetheart:

hate, underprivileged.

Synonyms for sweetheart:

Sense 1

fella, sugar daddy, young man, beau, toy boy, lover.

Sense 2

suitor, admirer, mistress.

Sense 3

minion, date, girl.





Other synonyms and related words:

debaucher, young man, STANDOUT, ripsnorter, apricot, sweetie, smasher, kayo, corker, dish aerial, strike, lover, admirer, peach tree, humdinger, snorter, mistress, mantrap, yellowish pink, Dilly, salmon pink, suitor, inamorata, bag, fella, dish antenna, beau, cup of tea, truelove, saucer, dish, viewer, ko, girl, sugar daddy, witness, ravisher, boyfriend, dishful, lollapalooza, bang, HIT, beaut, hummer, watcher, beauty, lulu, daisy, violator, steady, date, spectator, stunner, minion, looker, knockout, dream, Sockdolager, peach, ripper, smash, doozy.

Sense 4 (noun)

young man, beau, suitor, boyfriend, fella, toy boy, sugar daddy.

beloved (noun)


boyfriend (noun)

beau, young man.

darling (noun)

jewel, beloved, darling, pet, love, treasure, dear, idol, favorite, honey, precious.

love (noun)


lover (noun)

truelove, inamorata, lover.

person whom another loves (noun)

boyfriend, admirer, honey, lover, treasure, dear, suitor, truelove, love, inamorata, darling, beloved, steady, beau, pet.

sweetheart (noun)

knockout, beauty, steady, stunner, sweetie, smasher, peach, lulu, truelove, mantrap, ravisher, dish, looker.

Usage examples for sweetheart:

  • He made of her his mistress and his sweetheart. - "Four Arthurian Romances "Erec et Enide", "Cliges", "Yvain", and "Lancelot"", Chretien DeTroyes.
  • Dear little sweetheart, he gave way at last, and we cried together passionately. - "An Isle in the Water", Katharine Tynan.
  • I was glad I didn't have to leave a sweetheart behind, when I went to France. - "The Call of the Canyon", Zane Grey.

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