Pronunciation of Tabby
/tˈabi/, /tˈabi/, /t_ˈa_b_i/

Synonyms for tabby:

mottled (adjective)


Sense 1

taleteller, gossipmonger, pied, piebald, dapple-gray, mouser, talebearer, puss, rumormonger, calico cat, yenta, scandalmonger, albino, Siamese Cat, dappled, gossiper, whisperer, barred.

Sense 2

tattletale, telltale, newsmonger, tattler, kitty, camouflage.

Sense 3


Sense 4

bay, gossip.

Other synonyms and related words:

dappled, patterned, brindle, dapple-gray, gossiper, tattler, tattletale, albino, yenta, newsmonger, gossip, whisperer, brinded, queen, tabby cat, barred, rumormonger, calico cat, brindled, telltale, kitty, world-beater, female monarch, taleteller, king, gossipmonger, talebearer, puss, queen regnant, scandalmonger, mouser.

Sense 1 (noun)

telltale, gossipmonger, scandalmonger, rumormonger, kitty, puss, tattletale, Siamese Cat, talebearer, gossiper, yenta, taleteller, calico cat, tattler, mouser, newsmonger, whisperer, gossip.

animal (noun)

queen, tabby cat.

cat (noun)

burmese, abyssinian, siamese, cat, persian, Cheshire, angora, manx.

gossip (noun)

whisperer, taleteller, gossiper, tattler, gossipmonger, scandalmonger, talebearer, tattletale, telltale, rumormonger, newsmonger.

rumormonger (noun)


tabby (noun)

queen, tabby cat, brindled, patterned, brindle, brinded.

Usage examples for tabby:

  • As I am a funny old tabby myself, I have to mix with them. - "The Red Planet", William J. Locke.
  • Tabby, Grandma's pretty Maltese cat, lay curled up in the shade. - "A Hive of Busy Bees", Effie M. Williams.

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