Pronunciation of Tack
/tˈak/, /tˈak/, /t_ˈa_k/

Antonyms for tack:

take apart, subtract.

Synonyms for tack:

Sense 1

modus operandi, unpick, tuck, hem, let out, drift, pleat, route.

Sense 2

pin up, take up, make up, procedure, technique, let down.

Sense 3


Sense 4

plan, come around or round, machine.

Sense 5

take in.

Sense 6


Sense 16






Other synonyms and related words:

leaf, subjoin, turn, append, gather, cerement, strategy, set, stable gear, machine, saddlery, exchange, alter, method, flip, transpose, reassemble, sheet of paper, bed sheet, fashion, shroud, turn over, effect, switch, sheet, peg, forgather, piece of paper, sky, hem, launch, get together, basting, affix, plan, shift, ensnare, order, alternate, configure, instal, flat solid, route, flip-flop, add, hang on, sail, supplement, change, set up, interchange, tacking, flick, frame, toss, approach, wear round, tack together, rig, fix, drift, tuck, clobber, replace, substitute, supply, canvass, tag on, effectuate, erect, rag, mainsheet, unpick, piece, canvas, course, meet, batter, put, put together, style, foregather, technique, procedure, system, nibble, tack on, prepare, form, pall, adjoin, install, weather sheet, line, riffle, assemble, methodology, plane, modus operandi, tabloid, manner.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

modus operandi, procedure, plan, technique, course, line, approach.

Sense 4 (noun)

let out, take in, pin up, alter.

Sense 5 (noun)


course of movement (noun)

procedure, line, approach, switch, plan, method, shift, turn, set.

fastener (noun)

stay, clinch, hitch, agent, cement, connector, rabbet, buckle, cincture, string, nail, closure, hasp, thread, guy, bolt, skewer, vise, ligament, button, suture, mediator, mucilage, snap, hook, brad, weld, cleat, pin, binder, clamp, seal, lock, hinge, Vinculum, middleman, knot, fastening, rivet, bonding, chain, latch, lace, clip, clasp, knitting, staple, grapnel, glue, twine, paste, go-between, hawser, catch, bracket, medium, brace, link, stitch, belt, bond, braid, strap, splice, band, cotter, anchor, tie, spike, zipper, fastener, fuse, cinch, coupling, binding.

needle (noun)

fishhook, awl, needle, gimlet, pike, harpoon, hat pin, lance, spine, spear, prong, spur, barb, thumbtack, quill.

short pin for attaching (noun)

nail, staple, thumbtack, brad.

tack (noun)

piece, tag on, alternate, saddlery, sheet, weather sheet, shroud, flip, hang on, set up, baste, assemble, flip-flop, tack together, switch, mainsheet, tacking, wear round, stable gear, interchange, append, tack on, put together.

attach (verb)

baste, paste, add, fix, pin, stitch, affix, hem, sew, fasten, tie, append.

fasten (verb)

lash, zip, weave, couple, fasten, connect, plait, tether.

sew (verb)

seam, knit, quilt, buttonhole, sew, baste, cross-stitch, bind, backstitch, purl, chain stitch, crochet, embroider.

Usage examples for tack:

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