Pronunciation of Tail
/tˈe͡ɪl/, /tˈe‍ɪl/, /t_ˈeɪ_l/

Antonyms for tail:


Synonyms for tail:

Sense 1

tag end, follow around.

Sense 2

bird dog, queue.

Sense 3

appendage, watcher.

Sense 4


Sense 6

stick to.




go after, tag, stick to, give chase.

police officer





rear end.

Other synonyms and related words:

bum, bottomland, skunk, crumb, laughingstock, stub, cigaret, lavatory, do-nothing, bathroom, potty, crapper, detective, arsehole, shadower, hang back, nincompoop, dark, go after, understructure, shite, prat, commode, label, cross, suite, Hunkers, appendage, undersurface, low-down, reverse, tin can, furrow, hound, place, tag, shtup, drop behind, backside, feather, keister, cigarette, stinkpot, tincture, hindquarters, privy, croupe, puke, bed, bird dog, nooky, chamfer, ninny, aft, cut through, goat, tag end, Heinie, train, freighter, vestige, hams, cut across, tin, croup, get behind, merchantman, retinue, so-and-so, fourth, mark, John, quartern, stooge, stinker, basis, quest after, butt, flap, Phantasm, idler, phantom, loafer, underside, target, trace, haunches, quarter, darkness, chase after, traverse, tail assembly, buttocks, drag, can, cover, entourage, lav, buns, shadow, back tooth, can buoy, cortege, merchant ship, rat, bobsled, get across, groundwork, one-fourth, dirt, screwing, throne, tush, cheek, nates, pass over, Phantasma, fourth part, after part, tooshie, quest for, back end, get over, watcher, base, give chase, posse, Git, scum bag, bob, rotter, foot, dock, canful, cornerstone, breech, hind end, stool, empennage, duff, shack, tail end, queue, coffin nail, foundation, layabout, apparition, fundament, curtsy, substructure.

back (adjective)

hind, hindmost, aft.

end (adjective)


rear (adjective)

stern, backside, bottom, rear, back, posterior.

Sense 3 (noun)

tag end.

Sense 5 (noun)


Sense 6 (noun)

bird dog, flap.

Sense 8 (noun)

stick to, follow around, hound.

back (noun)

backside, hindmost, bottom, end, tail end, stern, back end, posterior, back, aftermost, hindquarters, rear.

backside (noun)

bottom, fanny.

behind (noun)

fundament, seat, breech.

bottom (noun)


butt (noun)

base, foot.

buttocks (noun)

behind, fanny.

detective (noun)

bird dog, sleuth.

end (noun)

butt end.

follower (noun)

follower, postscript, conclusion.

rear (noun)

derriere, fanny, behind, hind, seat, caboose, rump.

stub (noun)


tail (noun)

chase after, quarter, after part, empennage, keister, can, trail, derriere, buttocks, bottom, stern, seat, end, dog, nates, bum, prat, backside, butt, conclusion, track, tooshie, fag end, rump, bob, tail assembly, fundament, buns, reverse, appendage, hindquarters, tag, posterior, rear, shadow, behind, shadower, fanny, tail end, tag end, chase, go after, hind end, tush, train, aft, dock, stub, rear end.

contact (verb)

bob, dock.

follow (verb)

ensue, result, descend, succeed, lag.

pursue (verb)

follow, hunt, aim, harry, seek, chase, dog, aspire, strive, undertake, search, intend, stalk, pursue, quest, endeavor, sleuth, trail, track.

tail (verb)

pursue, shadow, dog, stalk, trail, hound, track.

Usage examples for tail:

  • Somebody sprang upon her as she was sleeping, and in the struggle she lost all her tail feathers. - "Mother West Wind 'Why' Stories", Thornton W. Burgess.
  • " It's the brute's tail," said he. - "The Princess Passes", Alice Muriel Williamson and Charles Norris Williamson.
  • Did you see his tail? - "The Shirley Letters from California Mines in 1851-52", Louise Amelia Knapp Smith Clappe.

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