Pronunciation of Tempestuous
/tɛmpˈɛst͡ʃuːəs/, /tɛmpˈɛst‍ʃuːəs/, /t_ɛ_m_p_ˈɛ_s_tʃ_uː_ə_s/

Antonyms for tempestuous:

halcyon, calm.

Synonyms for tempestuous:

Sense 1

wounded, unbridled, hurt, charged, melodramatic, rapturous, overwrought, hotly, misty-eyed, quarrelsome, lyrical, dewy-eyed, hot-blooded, bitterly, feeling, cordially, torrid, histrionic, soul, soulful, hysterical, overheated, impassioned, violently, intense, bursting.

Sense 2

roiled, aflame.

Sense 3

blazing, flaming, ablaze, roily.

Sense 4


Sense 5

ugly, rugged.

Sense 6


Sense 11




Other synonyms and related words:

maddened, uncivilised, rugged, intense, raging, overheated, roily, misty-eyed, dotty, crazy, aflame, heavy, savage, barbarian, quarrelsome, roiled, groundless, impassioned, raving mad, torrid, hysterical, raw, cordially, bleak, nasty, overwrought, unbridled, rough, risky, furious, enraged, paroxysmal, inclement, hammer and tongs, unfounded, bang-bang, squally, fierce, rapturous, angry, untamed, convulsive, ferocious, violently, foul, godforsaken, turbulent, wounded, rabid, uncivilized, dirty, ugly, hot, feeling, baseless, violent, angered, barbaric, soul, infuriated, flaming.

all (adjective)


angry (adjective)


chaotic (adjective)

perturbed, insane, disorganized, discomposed, unruly, Disintegrated, anarchical, chaotic, inexact, inconsistent, obscure, disorderly, fuzzy, frantic, blurry, lawless, muddled, disordered, tumultuous, jumbled, embroiled, disconnected, lax, loose, uneven, deformed, disheveled, confused, formless, frenzied, rambunctious, indefinite, cluttered, irregular, undisciplined, deranged, inchoate, disarrayed, out of control, amorphous, incoherent, messy, wild, shapeless, anarchistic, indistinct.

excitable (adjective)

volcanic, touchy, fiery, combustible, irritable, reckless, quick-tempered, explosive, nervous, rash, impulsive, crusty, excitable, ardent, edgy, cranky, stormy, emotional, sensitive, short-tempered, fragile, passionate, high-strung, volatile, hot-tempered, brittle.

raging (adjective)

raving mad, raging.

rough (adjective)

roily, roiled.

wild, stormy (adjective)

rough, hysterical, emotional, squally, windy, blustery, turbulent, intense, unbridled, rugged, gusty, breezy, violent, impassioned, passionate, furious, raging.

windy (adjective)

cyclonic, stormy, breezy, drafty, blowing, windy, blustery, gusty.

Sense 1 (noun)

impassioned, torrid, intense, histrionic, soulful, hysterical.

tempestuous (noun)

raging, wild, angry, furious, stormy.

raging (verb)


Usage examples for tempestuous:

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