Pronunciation of Too
/tˈuː/, /tˈuː/, /t_ˈuː/

Antonyms for too:

negligibly, slightly, nominally.

Synonyms for too:

Sense 1

deluge, outnumber, extraordinary, extracurricular, doubly, furthest, surplus, double, supplementary, overmuch, additional, upwards, farther, aplenty, added, backup, rather, excessive, upward, supernumerary, record-breaking, undue, unconscionable, excess.

Sense 2

exceptional, extra, overdone, raised, record, second, beyond.

Sense 3

spare, plus, fresh.

Sense 4

over, above.

Sense 6


in addition

even, bargain, more, item.

also (adverb)

as well, along with, not to mention, more, additionally, withal, likewise, And, further, besides, together with, also, moreover, Including, as well as, furthermore, in addition.

excessively (adverb)

overmuch, awfully, over, overly, extremely, greatly, ever, beyond.

extremely (adverb)

terribly, extremely.

similarly (adverb)


additionally (adverb)


along (adverb)

as well.

also (adverb)

further, as well as, moreover, And, withal, not to mention, furthermore, Including, along with, likewise, also, besides, together with, additionally, in addition.

extremely (adverb)

vitally, surpassingly, hugely.

to a greater extent (adverb)


Sense 1 (noun)

exceptional, beyond, surplus, excessive.

Sense 2 (noun)

exceedingly, extremely, overmuch, additional, over, supplementary.

too (noun)

as well, besides, likewise, also, excessively, overly.

Usage examples for too:

  • And I said, too- I said it was 'fortunate. - "My Little Sister", Elizabeth Robins.

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