Pronunciation of Tough
/tˈʌf/, /tˈʌf/, /t_ˈʌ_f/

Antonyms for tough:

facile, nonviolent, tender, kind, fragile, soft, easy, delicate, weak.

Synonyms for tough:

Sense 1

invulnerable, persnickety, gorilla, inviolate, rocket science, Skinless, knockabout, ineradicable, hardline, water-resistant, time-consuming, rigor, herculean, rustproof, unmanageable, hard-fought, stringent, meaty, jellied, rough-and-tumble, fireproof, shatterproof, boneless, Hunky, unbreakable, fierce, Hard-handed, fiddly, effortful, indestructible, hard-earned, efficient, tough love, rascal, heat-resistant, healthy, flameproof, indissoluble, heatproof, unassailable, shockproof, irresistible.

Sense 2

heavy-duty, ambitious, permanent, unbeatable, athletic, rooted, weatherproof, tall, impregnable, strident, invincible, jerk, bulletproof, exacting, unshakable, flyblown, incorruptible, well-built, bombproof, industrial-strength, generous, defensible.

Sense 3

precision, exigent, rigorous, bony, substantially, weighty, awkward, strict.

Sense 4

intensive, mug, intense, waterproof, narrow, taxing.

Sense 5

rigid, iron.

Sense 6


Sense 7

sure, solid.

Sense 8






Other synonyms and related words:

inflexible, heavy, mug, hard-bitten, roughneck, sticky, durable, rigid.

all (adjective)

rugged, hard.

courageous (adjective)


difficult (adjective)

difficult, formidable, ticklish, knotty, adverse, trying, contrary, complex, burdensome, cantankerous, arduous, hard, strenuous, fussy, rough, demanding, cumbersome, finicky, wearying, bothersome, stressful, tricky, wearing, severe, onerous, tight, thorny, oppressive, uphill, laborious, troublesome, toilsome, wearisome, grinding, harsh, complicated, rugged.

difficult, laborious (adjective)

oppressive, effortful, heavy, baffling, knotty, trying, burdensome, toilsome, arduous, troublesome, strenuous, exigent, uphill, thorny, grievous, weighty, backbreaking, demanding, taxing, hairy, onerous.

durable (adjective)


effortful (adjective)


healthy (adjective)


insensitive (adjective)

hardened, unconcerned, numb, objective, hardhearted, hard-boiled, nonchalant, detached, emotionless, heartless, indifferent, blunt, passive, anesthetized, uncompassionate, unsympathetic, unemotional, passionless, ruthless, dispassionate, insensitive, aloof, cold-blooded, hard, callous, cool, unfeeling, apathetic, stony.

leathery (adjective)

leatherlike, coriaceous.

malevolent (adjective)


obstinate, rough (adjective)

ruthless, harsh, pugnacious, exacting, resolute, uncompromising, fierce, stubborn, callous, unbending, severe, headstrong, unmanageable, strict, narrow, violent, cruel, hard-boiled, stern, obdurate, ruffianly.

rocklike (adjective)


rough (adjective)


severe (adjective)


strong (adjective)

sturdy, muscular, sinewy, husky, stable, formidable, mettlesome, iron-willed, brawny, firm, vigorous, potent, heavy-duty, vital, powerful, strong, energetic, mighty, virile, robust, stout.

sturdy, strong (adjective)

healthy, stiff, sinewy, robust, solid, flinty, tight, hard-bitten, tenacious, stout, durable, rugged, unyielding, rigid, mighty, hardened, inflexible, brawny, hard, fibrous, vigorous, stalwart, hardy, unbreakable, leathery, firm.

tenacious (adjective)

decisive, unflagging, strong-willed, devoted, faithful, flintlike, determined, undaunted, enduring, bold, stiff, headstrong, plucky, true, brave, dogged, obdurate, indomitable, dauntless, indefatigable, bulldogged, tireless, obstinate, hard, fervent, strong, stony, diligent, courageous, resolute, bullheaded, persevering, spunky, persistent, staunch, insistent, tenacious, stubborn, hearty, steadfast.

Sense 4 (noun)

athletic, Hunky, Hard-handed.

Sense 5 (noun)

hardline, exigent, rigorous, exacting, taxing, weighty, effortful, stringent.

Sense 7 (noun)

heavy-duty, durable, rough-and-tumble, knockabout, irresistible.

Sense 8 (noun)

jellied, Skinless, jerk, lean, rigid, meaty, bony, boneless, strict, flyblown.

combatant (noun)

enemy, struggler, militant, opponent, fighter, duelist, mercenary, combatant, contestant, foe, gladiator, battler, quarreler, antagonist, soldier, warrior, swordsman, pugilist, rioter, competitor, man-at-arms, adversary, bruiser, Jouster, brawler, bully, thug, assailant, rival.

evildoer (noun)

gunman, tyrant, snake, ruffian, terrorist, cutthroat, viper, desperado, vandal, vampire, brute, scoundrel, wrongdoer, ogre, monster, evildoer, hoodlum, bad guy, demon, criminal, law breaker, thief, fiend, vulture, hooligan, crook.

gangster (noun)

bruiser, goon, gangster.

hardy (noun)


person (noun)

street fighter.

person who is rowdy, mean (noun)

criminal, gangster, goon, rough, roughneck, thug, bully, hood, hoodlum, bruiser, punk, ruffian, hooligan, rowdy, brute.

tough (noun)

toughie, uncomfortable, strong-armer, rubbery, bad, yob, street fighter, violent, goon, chewy, hard, leatherlike, tough-minded, fibrous, inured, yobo, toughened, rugged, hood, yobbo, sinewy, sturdy, punk, hempen, hardened, leathered, difficult, coriaceous, hard-bitten, hooligan, cartilaginous, gristly, thickened, hoodlum, thug, roughneck, unchewable, ruffianly, stringy, leathery, enured, hard-boiled, bully, rowdy, unsentimental, calloused, ruffian, weather-beaten, pugnacious.

enduring (verb)


Usage examples for tough:

  • What would such people do when things really got tough? - "The Year When Stardust Fell", Raymond F. Jones.
  • He is too tough for that. - "Dorothy Dale", Margaret Penrose.
  • This hotel's a tough place, and the man that runs it 's got a bad name. - "The Biography of a Prairie Girl", Eleanor Gates.

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