Pronunciation of Treasure
/tɹˈɛʒə/, /tɹˈɛʒə/, /t_ɹ_ˈɛ_ʒ_ə/

Antonyms for treasure:

despise, hate.

Synonyms for treasure:

Sense 1

doll, brighten, messiah, bounce back, savior, look forward to, fairy godmother, affluence, Good Samaritan, admire, sweetie, jewellery, gleam, mensch, belong, samaritan, rejoice in, bubble with, bleeding heart, do-gooder, Florence Nightingale, squirrel, BLING, Johnny-on-the-spot, go-to guy, masterpiece, jewelry, trinket.

Sense 2

nest egg, adore, saint, angel, pelf, remember, diplomat, bauble, riches, anticipate, stash, reservoir, pearl, backlog.

Sense 3

uncut, inventory, heal, soar, novelty, move on, joy.

Sense 4

pride, get over, star, sport.

Sense 5


Sense 6


Sense 7




Other synonyms and related words:

diplomat, do-gooder, assets, gem, lever, esteem, lay-by, jimmy, trinket, mensch, boast, chain, anticipate, nurse, respect, revalue, evaluate, hoarded wealth, BLING, masterpiece, novelty, remember, bauble, jewelry, care for, comfort, precious stone, joy, affluence, shelter, pry, brighten, squirrel, lay away, apprise, pearl, savior, harbor, admire, lift, measure, put by, flip, valuate, gleam, nurture, angel, cling to, credit, rate, appreciate, inventory, assess, pelf, stash, value, honor, foster, reservoir, apprize, cherish, entertain, gemstone, take account, jewellery, appraise, star, adore, prise, pride, riches, protect, plum, uncut, treat, saint, belong, muffin, nourish, backlog, samaritan, stone, cheer, nest egg, sweetie, hold dear.

Sense 2 (noun)

nest egg, mensch, savior, saint, reservoir, inventory, star, go-to guy, fairy godmother, backlog, stash, samaritan, angel.

Sense 3 (noun)

rejoice in, look forward to, riches, pelf, affluence, brighten.

Sense 4 (noun)


Sense 5 (noun)

BLING, chain, bauble, trinket, novelty, jewelry, jewellery.

angel (noun)


darling (noun)

favorite, honey, darling, precious, beloved, jewel, idol, dear, pet, love, sweetheart.

jewelry (noun)


money (noun)

dollar, sterling, change, wad, capital, cash, petty cash, assets, bill, wampum, gold, swag, purse, receipts, net worth, balance sheet, funds, pocket money, stock, coupon, greenback, moolah, money order, bankroll, dough, check, coinage, gross, ways and means, income, profit, bullion, scratch, wallet, ingot, iou, bond, bank note, loot, money, fortune, currency, worth, issue, lucre, wealth, promissory note, draft, copper, pounds, nugget, spending money, note, wherewithal, proceeds, silver.

prized possession or entity (noun)

fortune, prize, money, cache, catch, darling, jewel, gem, nest egg, plum, funds, pearl, riches, cash, hoard, capital, store, wealth, gold.

richness (noun)

nest egg, riches.

stash (noun)


store (noun)

cellar, bank, library, bin, emporium, mart, locker, depot, store, closet, grocery, hayloft, repository, larder, crib, archive, armory, storage, arsenal, depository, vault, cache, warehouse, granary, lumberyard, stockpile, safe, market, cupboard, hoard, buttery, supermarket, Corncrib, coffer, storeroom, commissary, accumulation, silo, storehouse.

treasure (noun)

cherish, appreciate, gem, value, care for, prize, hold dear, hoarded wealth.

treasury (noun)

drawer, kitty, chest, treasure house, bursary, strongbox, piggy bank, coin box, treasury, till, cash box.

trophy (noun)

marker, palm, plaque, memento, garland, laurel, memorabilia, ribbon, cup, souvenir, monument, commemoration, trophy, favor, prize, wreath, memorial, testimonial, keepsake, catch, remembrance, crown.

wealth (noun)


hold dear (verb)

value, appreciate, adore, love, esteem, cherish, apprize.

Usage examples for treasure:

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