Pronunciation of Unpleasant
/ʌnplˈɛzənt/, /ʌnplˈɛzənt/, /ʌ_n_p_l_ˈɛ_z_ə_n_t/

Synonyms for unpleasant:

Sense 1

thankless, unwelcome, joyless, unrewarding, unenviable, uninviting, unmentionable, off-putting, inhospitable, unleavened, yucky, unedifying.

Sense 2

devilish, icky, slimy, chilling, unappetizing, uncongenial, infernal.

Sense 3

nameless, unsympathetic, nagging, brutal, rotten, bleak.

Sense 4

epic, lousy.

Sense 7








Other synonyms and related words:

forbidding, objectionable, dour, sourly, spiteful, grim, uninviting, brutal, hot, haughty, yucky, beastly, god-awful, antagonistic, bleak, caustic, impersonal, disappointing, unsympathetic, sharp-worded, frosty, nagging, unedifying, blistering, unsavory, unsmiling, unenviable, icky, uncaring, off-putting, joyless, afflictive, remote, chilling, hostile, rebarbative, disturbing, harsh, ungrateful, acerbic, vitriolic, uncongenial, severely, ill-disposed, sulphurous, rough, sulfurous, acid, acrid, tart, hellish, lousy, sour, unappetizing, rotten, hard, repellant, unfriendly, inhospitable, unrewarding, roughly, virulent, icily, venomous, acerb, glacial, sharp, unmentionable, mortifying, thankless, slimy, unhappy, unleavened, nameless, chilly, brusque, Cold-hearted, embarrassing, unwelcome.

awful (adjective)

horrible, frightful, awful, dire, horrid, repulsive, terrible, ghastly, alarming, dreadful, appalling, horrendous, hideous.

bad (adjective)

distasteful, sour, inadequate, unattractive, disagreeable, faulty, invalid, lousy, undesirable, unsatisfactory, bad, unlovely, detrimental, irremediable, abhorrent, icky, repulsive, arrant, obnoxious, poor, troublesome, vile, defective, unfavorable, unhappy, ill-suited, wretched, inadvisable, rotten, wrong, baneful, objectionable, Irksome, unpalatable, yucky, unsound, inferior, displeasing, nasty, black.

disagreeable (adjective)

nasty, repulsive, distasteful, disagreeable, objectionable, offensive, disgusting, unpalatable, obnoxious, bothersome.

disobliging (adjective)


offensive (adjective)

unsavory, frightful.

painful (adjective)

crushing, trying, stinging, aching, inflaming, unbearable, cruel, Gnawing, Irksome, troublesome, cutting, sore, throbbing, harrowing, grueling, distressful, burdensome, Cramping, hurtful, nagging, severe, piercing, agonizing, painful, smarting, wrenching, aggravating, uncomfortable, grievous, oppressive, acute, Besetting, disagreeable, annoying, arduous, woeful, stabbing, bothersome, horrendous, anguishing, chafing, tormenting, bitter, insufferable, offensive, miserable, withering, excruciating, odious, irritating, biting.

severe (adjective)


ugly (adjective)

hideous, unsightly, odious, unpleasing, unattractive, repulsive, Ill-looking, displeasing, abhorrent, disagreeable, ugly, grotesque, shapeless, repugnant, undesirable, plain, disfigured, unlovely, repellent, homely, unappealing, inelegant, unaesthetic.

unappreciated (adjective)


unwelcome (adjective)


offensive (adverb)


Sense 1 (noun)

bleak, hard.

unfriendly (noun)

icy, unfriendly, hostile, cold, stony, antagonistic.

unpleasant (noun)

caustic, grim, sore, dour, vitriolic, harsh, dreadful, afflictive, rebarbative, beastly, sulphurous, acerbic, objectionable, bitter, blistering, acrid, nasty, mortifying, acid, offensive, awful, tart, repellent, obnoxious, sulfurous, venomous, embarrassing, rough, repellant, forbidding, virulent, acerb, painful, unhappy, unlovely, hot, hellish, ungrateful, god-awful, sharp, sharp-worded.

Usage examples for unpleasant:

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