Pronunciation of Vacillating
/vˈasɪlˌe͡ɪtɪŋ/, /vˈasɪlˌe‍ɪtɪŋ/, /v_ˈa_s_ɪ_l_ˌeɪ_t_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for vacillating:

resolute, steady, constant.

Synonyms for vacillating:

Sense 1


Sense 2


back and forth




Other synonyms and related words:

wishy-washy, alternating, pillar, vacillant, unreliable, doubtful.

capricious (adjective)

frivolous, changeable, sporadic, fly-by-night, indecisive, fanciful, Flitting, wayward, fleeting, impulsive, random, arbitrary, whimsical, flighty, fitful, capricious, volatile, fluctuating, fickle, scatterbrained, erratic.

changeable (adjective)

shifting, irresolute, unstable, fluid, convertible, mercurial, unreliable, changeful, reformable, Vicissitudinous, transformable, modifiable, protean, unsettled, variable, flexible, alterable, ever-changing, fickle, varying, mutable, inconstant, unsteady, movable, wavering, restless, precarious, adjustable, adaptable, changeable, versatile, flighty, Transposable, volatile.

changing (adjective)

uncertain, wavering, inconstant, hesitating, vibrating, irresolute, hesitant, undecided, changeable, unsure, tentative, volatile, oscillating, shifting, swaying, fluctuating.

conflicting (adjective)


cowardly (adjective)

weak, spineless.

fluctuating (adjective)

tottering, unsteady, staggering.

irresolute (adjective)

unsure, shifty, weak, insipid, hesitant, shrinking, volatile, halfhearted, undependable, irresolute, unwilling, shy, undecided, watery, Flitting, indecisive, erratic, impulsive, inconsistent, Shilly-shally, tentative, irresponsible, yellow, spineless, changeable, unresolved, uncertain, capricious, ambivalent, fly-by-night, dillydallying, infirm, fickle, double-minded.

not resolute (adjective)

unsettled, vacillant, indecisive.

oscillating (adjective)

vibrating, oscillating, throbbing, back and forth, pulsating, Undulating, fluctuating, alternating, teeter-totter, zigzag.

uncertain (adjective)


wishy-washy (adjective)


vacillating (noun)

vacillant, wavering, irresolute.

changing (verb)

fluctuating, Deviating, Transfiguring, Modifying, changing, Transforming, setting, Adjusting, Transposing, mutating, Converting, transiting, Adapting, reforming, Modulating, altering, Diversifying.

doubting (verb)

Suspecting, disbelieving, questioning, Distrusting, wondering, doubting.

oscillating (verb)

wobbling, beating, teeter-tottering, ticking, tottering, Seesawing, swaying, Wagging, trembling, Rocking, radiating, Bobbing, pulsing, staggering.

procrastinating (verb)

Dallying, stalling, lingering, Procrastinating, dilly-dallying, hesitating, Filibustering, dawdling.

Usage examples for vacillating:

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