Pronunciation of Vagabond
/vˈaɡɐbˌɒnd/, /vˈaɡɐbˌɒnd/, /v_ˈa_ɡ_ɐ_b_ˌɒ_n_d/

Synonyms for vagabond:

Sense 1


Sense 2

itinerant, peripatetic.







Other synonyms and related words:

float, cat, hustle, affirm, divagate, betray, aver, run, meander, graze, plod, hurl, redact, rootless, draw, floater, cuckold, peregrine, revolve, turn over, order, disgorge, vomit up, sundowner, pluck, wander, regurgitate, cheat on, place, straddle, cast, mould, be sick, aimless, wave, drift, shed, honk, gipsy, cheat, gadabout, freewheel, grade, puke, seethe, jog, stray, roll up, throw up, put, gypsy, wheel, vomit, twine, rank, mendicant, roam, lay out, spew, assert, rate, peripatetic, perambulatory, weave, thread, shake off, wandering, range, rove, err, malefactor, homeless, frame, browse, sick, Swagman, flap, hurtle, ramble on, roamer, pasture, regorge, roll, digress, spue, blow, pad, errant, itinerant, gallivanting, ramble, ambulatory, drop, spots, unsettled, footslog, upchuck, migrant, ambulant, roll out, ranging, Maunderer, floating, swear, wanderer, verify, project, wrap, wind, slog, retch, throw, be adrift, mold, purge, contrive, fugitive, throw away, undulate, avow, couch, set out, trudge, swan, rambler, crop, array, chuck.

ambulatory (adjective)


desolate (adjective)


itinerant (adjective)

nomadic, wandering.

traveling (adjective)

nomadic, Trekking, vagrant, tourist, journeying, wayfaring, drifting, Roaming, traveling, transient, roving.

unsettled; vagrant (adjective)

journeying, itinerant, wayfaring, stray, mendicant, wandering, peripatetic, errant, drifting, nomadic, aimless, transient, roving, unsettled, Roaming, rootless, perambulatory.

Sense 2 (noun)

itinerant, peripatetic.

nomadic (noun)

itinerant, peripatetic, migrant, wandering, errant.

person who leads an unsettled life; traveler (noun)

wanderer, wayfarer, tourist, rover, trekker, gypsy, rambler.

traveler (noun)

tourist, nomad, transient, migrant, voyager, passenger, wayfarer, drifter, vagrant, trekker, journeyer, rover, traveler.

vagabond (noun)

drifting, rootless, floating, unsettled, rove, roam, stray, aimless, ramble, swan, wander, range, vagrant, cast, drift.

wanderer (noun)


Usage examples for vagabond:

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