Pronunciation of Variety
/vəɹˈa͡ɪ͡əti/, /vəɹˈa‍ɪ‍əti/, /v_ə_ɹ_ˈaɪə_t_i/

Synonyms for variety:

Sense 1

incongruity, differential, anomaly, cleavage, conglomeration, irregularity, oddity, disproportion, chasm, Gallimaufry, extravagance, unreality, whimsy, heterogeneousness, heterogeneity, shading, Jekyll And Hyde, multiplicity, typology, dividing line, breadth, grab bag, dichotomy, man of the people, grouping, individuality, phenotype, polymorphism, crosscurrent, one-off, miscellaneousness, variousness, Olio.

Sense 2

lone, divide, patchwork, gulf, borderline, rut, description, boundary, hodgepodge, practitioner, progression, quirk, succession, meanwhile, variegation, polarity, rubric, mishmash.

Sense 3

cross-section, collision, distance, relief, edge, monopoly, gap, disconnect, unitary, generation.

Sense 4

member, selection, individual, original, bracket.

Sense 5

product, league, sole, job, version, gallery, split.

Sense 6

jump, division.

Sense 7

character, group, body.

Sense 8

lot, shade, dog, manner.

Sense 12








Other synonyms and related words:

jumble, body, configuration, one-off, character, divide, sorting, flesh, compartmentalisation, mixture, genre, kidney, quality, motley, incongruity, medley, chassis, admixture, contour, pattern, meanwhile, stew, contrariety, omnium-gatherum, polymorphism, boundary, unlikeness, manikin, monopoly, commixture, distance, range, pastiche, conformation, grouping, manner, disproportion, shade, extravagance, mixing, concoction, smorgasbord, frame, league, alteration, description, lot, succession, change, montage, dichotomy, variousness, melange, revolution, heterogeneity, patchwork, physical body, hodgepodge, inconsistency, borderline, quirk, agglomerate, bod, conversion, rubric, variant, anatomy, miscellany, single, shape, practitioner, mishmash, member, agglomeration, word form, florilegium, variety show, soma, Gallimaufry, garland, jungle, bracket, division, transmutation, mannequin, material body, version, disagreement, build, miscellanea, product, hotchpotch, polarity, figure, course, botch, job, litter, intermixture, shuffle, dog, collage, physique, progression, group, vicissitude, menagerie, novelty, disconnect, hash, multiplicity, grab bag, modification, salmagundi, chasm, phase, signifier, clutter, rut, miscellaneousness, categorization, assortment, relief, transition, cleavage, generation, descriptor, unitary, discrimination, dissimilitude, mannikin, mix, potpourri, nature, individuality, categorisation, human body, conglomeration, welter, selection, cast, gallery, transformation, mixed bag, mutation, variegation, heterogeneousness, gap, regeneration, renewal, compartmentalization, Olio, irregularity.

Sense 1 (noun)

incongruity, heterogeneity.

Sense 2 (noun)

polymorphism, variegation, heterogeneousness, variousness, miscellaneousness, multiplicity.

Sense 3 (noun)

mishmash, patchwork, grab bag, Olio, Gallimaufry, jumble, conglomeration, hodgepodge.

Sense 4 (noun)

group, lot, collision, nature, manner, description.

Sense 5 (noun)

grouping, version, cross-section.

Sense 6 (noun)

Jekyll And Hyde, product, individual, original, dog.

attribute (noun)


category (noun)

label, genus, level, form, series, grain, class, order, stamp, grade, feather, make, line, mold, genotype, brand, ilk, step, rank, denomination, strain, species, designation, set, clan, category, style, phylum, race, persuasion, degree, Family, classification, caste, stock, stripe, kingdom, people, type, sort, taxonomy, breed, kind.

change (noun)

novelty, transition, mutation.

combination (noun)


difference (noun)

divergence, contradiction, range, clash, modification, distinctness, intermixture, variance, aberration, contrast, deviation, mixture, non-uniformity, conflict, change, multiplicity, incongruity, mixed bag, disunity, mismatch, diversification, potpourri, assortment, medley, mishmash, counterpoint, miscellany, difference, asymmetry, multifariousness, heterogeneity, abnormality, distinction, disparity, conglomeration, stew, inequality, dissimilarity, variation, Dissemblance, diversity, discrepancy.

drama (noun)

pageant, ballet, melodrama, pantomime, improvisation, scene, spectacle, presentation, mystery, choreography, tragedy, burlesque, comedy, teleplay, show, characterization, broadway, rendering, skit, improvisational drama, mime, art, drama, panorama, excitement, vaudeville, theater, production, suspense.

ethnic group (noun)


extent (noun)


merchandise (noun)


miscellany (noun)

Olio, salad.

non-uniformity (noun)

discord, diverseness, disaccord.

type, sort (noun)

ilk, kidney, description, division, brand, rank, nature, strain, genus, quality, category, stripe, make, Family, kind, class, character, species, grade, breed, order, race, classification.

variation (noun)


variety (noun)

miscellanea, diversification, change, kind, stock, form, variety show, mixed bag, breed, miscellany, salmagundi, multifariousness, potpourri, strain, sort, motley, diverseness, assortment, mixture, complexity, Multiformity, diversity.

Usage examples for variety:

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