Pronunciation of Wit
/wˈɪt/, /wˈɪt/, /w_ˈɪ_t/

Antonyms for wit:

vacuity, witlessness, brainlessness.

Synonyms for wit:

Sense 1

perceptiveness, judgment, farceur, Percipiency, Clear-sightedness, ribaldry, levity, zaniness, ludicrousness, Comicality, saneness, gallows humor, quipster, Sageness, eloquence, farcicality, comedy of errors, jokester, good-time Charlie, funniness, Percipience, ridiculousness, laughing stock, slapstick, comicalness, humorousness.

Sense 2

Lucidness, jocoseness, discernment, jocosity, dag, sagacity, sanity, satire, perspicacity, harlequin.

Sense 3

intelligence, marble, understanding, fun, lucidity, soundness, keenness.

Sense 4

discrimination, zany.

Sense 6

eye, nose.

Sense 8

sport, trip.

Sense 12






mental ability






Other synonyms and related words:

eye, brain, jocoseness, humour, marble, nose, board, hardheadedness, waggishness, jokester, genius, perspicacity, mental capacity, harlequin, Percipience, ribaldry, funniness, perceptiveness, lucidity, head, understanding, reason, Comicality, quipster, slapstick, ridiculousness, discretion, menu, bill, pleasantry, jocularity, farcicality, scorecard, witticism, waggery, sagacity, mind-set, plug in, repartee, mentality, soundness, gagster, zaniness, playfulness, shake, jest, mindset, fun, zany, notice, joke, poster, sense, drollery, Lucidness, learning ability, policy, knowledge, sanity, acumen, eloquence, encephalon, mood, prudence, comicalness, ludicrousness, facetiousness, Percipiency, temper, mastermind, saneness, wittiness, intelligence, discrimination, waggle, levity, jocosity, lineup, Sageness, levelheadedness, gumption, horse sense, common sense, caginess, psyche, brainpower, outlook, posting, sense of humor, nous, satire, farceur, placard, humorousness, mind, carte, judgment, keenness, discreetness, marbles, discernment, Gagger, esprit, point, Clear-sightedness.

Sense 1 (noun)

common sense, judgment.

Sense 2 (noun)

satire, laughing stock, repartee, good-time Charlie.

Sense 3 (noun)

levity, comedy of errors, slapstick.

Sense 4 (noun)

intelligence, understanding, sense.

Sense 5 (noun)

acumen, keenness, perceptiveness, Percipience, perspicacity, sagacity, Percipiency, Clear-sightedness, discernment, nose, Sageness, discrimination, eye.

Sense 6 (noun)

marble, sanity, Lucidness, lucidity, saneness, soundness, reason.

Sense 7 (noun)

farcicality, jocosity, humorousness, ridiculousness, funniness, ludicrousness, zaniness, comicalness, Comicality, jocoseness.

Sense 8 (noun)

zany, farceur, jokester, quipster.

cunning (noun)

art, cunning, mastery, snakiness, skill, sly, slickness, subtlety, wariness, deviousness, smoothness, slipperiness, guile, ingenuity.

experience (noun)

experience, proficiency, practice, competence, savoir-faire, background, wisdom, sophistication.

healthiness (noun)


humor (noun)

fun, joke, facetiousness, jocularity, jest, drollery, pleasantry, levity, satire, wittiness, repartee.

humorist (noun)

comedian, clown, writer, jester, gagman, comic, columnist, scriptwriter, prankster, playwright, dramatist, cutup, punster, joker, actor, Banterer, belletrist, card, funnyman, author, humorist, copywriter, word smith, essayist, wag, buffoon.

intelligence (noun)


perceptiveness (noun)


person who is very funny (noun)

card, jester, jokester, cutup, punster, wag, quipster, Banterer, comedian, joker, farceur, comic, humorist.

reason (noun)


sanity (noun)


sense (noun)


sound judgment (noun)

common sense.

wit (noun)

cleverness, wag, irony, Subtleness, finesse, witticism, drollness, craftiness, Cunningness, quickness, Canniness, humor, learning ability, ingeniousness, brainpower, mentality, slyness, facility, astuteness, wiliness, shrewdness, scintillation, card, trickiness, comedy, scurrility, artfulness, humour, sophistry, mental capacity, foxiness, resourcefulness, brilliance, inventiveness, brain, intellect, sharpness, adroitness, deftness, urbanity, wittiness.

Usage examples for wit:

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