Pronunciation of Won
/wˈʌn/, /wˈʌn/, /w_ˈʌ_n/

Antonyms for won:

forfeit, lost, confiscate, forfeited.

Synonyms for won:

north korean won

North Korean Won.

south korean won

South Korean Won.

Other synonyms and related words:

South Korean Won, North Korean Won.

achieved (adjective)

Triumphed, conquered, Gained.

quantity (noun)

South Korean Won, North Korean Won.

won (noun)

South Korean Won, North Korean Won.

acquired (verb)

Bought, assumed, Retrieved, heaped, Fetched, netted, accumulated, Garnered, Lured, Wrangled, cornered, amassed, collected, Palmed, Scored, Harvested, Pocketed, Bagged, received, Annexed, Reaped, added, landed, Incurred, Procured, Purchased, acquired, Claimed.

captured (verb)

Gotten, abducted, taken, secured, arrested, seized, Obtained, apprehended, occupied, Caught, Achieved, Got, Captured, Snatched, Snared, Took, Collared, Gained.

dominated (verb)

Overseen, ruled, Bettered, Presided, controlled, oppressed, Subordinated, Lorded, Oversaw, Commanded.

succeeded (verb)

overcome, dominated, earned, Prevailed, fulfilled, consummated, attained, Overcame, Succeeded, Ascended, accomplished, surmounted, Triumphed.

Usage examples for won:

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