Pronunciation of Yacht
/jˈɒt/, /jˈɒt/, /j_ˈɒ_t/

Synonyms for yacht:

Sense 2


Other synonyms and related words:

racer, racing yacht.

boat (noun)

destroyer, fishing boat, vessel, liner, catamaran, sailboat, boat, bark, sampan, scow, rowboat, aircraft carrier, battleship, kayak, scull, speedboat, tanker, dinghy, lifeboat, raft, icebreaker, frigate, tugboat, steamboat, ocean liner, cargo boat, cutter, Bateau, motorboat, ship, houseboat, dugout, skiff, trawler, galley, cruiser, gunboat, barge, hulk, freighter, gondola, pontoon, canoe, schooner, dory, longboat, watercraft, submarine, cabin cruiser, ferry, hydrofoil, paddle boat, merchantman.

pleasure boat (noun)

cruiser, racer, sailboat, cabin cruiser.

yacht (noun)

racing yacht.

Usage examples for yacht:

  • Hanged if I hadn't missed it before, when I was lookin' for the yacht! - "Torchy, Private Sec.", Sewell Ford.
  • They sat them down and watched preparations on the yacht. - "The Cricket", Marjorie Cooke.
  • She's not a yacht, then? - "The Golden Rock", Ernest Glanville.

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