Pronunciation of Yachts
/jˈɒts/, /jˈɒts/, /j_ˈɒ_t_s/

Synonyms for yachts:

boats (noun)

catamarans, kayaks, cabin cruisers, scows, longboats, houseboats, cargo boats, ocean liners, rowboats, hulks, battleships, Ferries, hydrofoils, tugboats, Galleys, dories, pontoons, dinghies, freighters, paddle boats, cutters, Merchantmen, destroyers, trawlers, sampans, submarines, dugouts, cruisers, Canoes, rafts, frigates, Ships, motorboats, Boats, sailboats, schooners, tankers, gondolas, liners, fishing boats, barges, icebreakers, vessels, gunboats, aircraft carriers, watercraft, skiffs, speedboats, lifeboats, barks, steamboats, sculls.

Usage examples for yachts:

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