Pronunciation of Yammer
/jˈamə/, /jˈamə/, /j_ˈa_m_ə/

Synonyms for yammer:

nag (noun)

complain, whimper.

yammer (noun)

wrawl, grizzle, yowl, whine, howl, yawp.

Sense 1


Other synonyms and related words:

squeal, holler, complain, squawk, grumble, complaint, beef, repine, cry, growl, plaint, creak, screak, lament, Miserere, moan, whimper, brood, ululate, yawl, caterwaul, snivel, grouse, bleat, skreak, murmur, wail, squeak, gripe, screech, grouch, roar, fuss, carp, stew, Whinge, bawl, inveigh.

whine (verb)

fuss, whimper, repine, grumble, carp, wail, yowl, howl, moan, complain, gripe.

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