Pronunciation of Zany
/zˈe͡ɪni/, /zˈe‍ɪni/, /z_ˈeɪ_n_i/

Antonyms for zany:

intelligent, serious, wise, humorless.

Synonyms for zany:

Sense 1

jerky, softheaded, quipster, farceur, risible, jokester, funnyman, dippy, humorist.

Sense 2

cockeyed, funny, droll, nonsensical, comedian, imbecilic, jester, comic, laughable, absurd, preposterous, moronic, harebrained, comical.

Sense 3

joker, card, dopey, idiotic, lunatic, amusing.

Sense 4

crazy, insane, unearthly.

Sense 5


Sense 8


Other synonyms and related words:

jerky, mad, moronic, funnyman, buffoon, batty, loopy, laughable, asinine, haywire, nutter, crazy, funny, tomfool, fruitcake, airheaded, unwise, bats, humorist, Daffy, jack, nutcase, unearthly, loco, lightheaded, lunatic, goofball, slit, fruity, risible, guy, featherbrained, puss, dotty, jokester, oddball, farceur, dippy, idiotic, hombre, jester, cockeyed, balmy, comedian, dizzy, dopey, nonsensical, half-witted, screwball, joker, fatuous, softheaded, barmy, nut, card, clown, half-baked, bubbleheaded, brainless, comic, harlequin, cat, empty-headed, kookie, inept, comical, light-headed, buggy, crackers, daft, simpleminded, imbecilic, pathetic, droll, preposterous, absurd, bonkers, lunkheaded, nuts, Weak-minded, cracked, amusing, punch-drunk, featherheaded, nutty, loony, harebrained, ridiculous, slaphappy, quipster, character, insane, witless, crackpot, Buffo, wit, kooky, giddy.

dumb (adjective)


foolish (adjective)

crazy, jerky, lunatic, silly, brainless, unreasonable, imbecilic, mad, loopy, dotty, moronic, half-witted, fatuous, preposterous, ridiculous, absurd, tomfool, unwise, insane, daft, asinine, Daffy, dippy, harebrained, cockamamy, witless, half-baked.

ludicrous (adjective)

risible, laughable, funny, nonsensical.

lunatic (adjective)

loco, idiotic, cracked, kooky.

wacky (adjective)

nuts, balmy.

zany (adjective)

comical, goofy, loony, nutty, foolish, fool, humorous, kooky, clownish.

Sense 2 (noun)

comic, droll, laughable, amusing, risible, comical, funny.

Sense 3 (noun)

dopey, jerky, harebrained, dippy, imbecilic, idiotic, tomfool, insane, crazy, unearthly, moronic, preposterous, cockeyed, lunatic, softheaded, mad, nonsensical, absurd.

Sense 4 (noun)

jester, funnyman, joker, comedian, farceur, quipster, card, wit, jokester, humorist.

buffoon (noun)

bozo, droll, harlequin.

clown (noun)

quipster, jokester.

wag (noun)


zany (noun)

clownish, bozo, buffoon, buffoonish, fool, cockamamie, clowlike, unreasonable, fathead, humorous, goof, jester, foolish, comic, goofy, cockamamy, clown, comedian, farceur, humorist, goose, twat, silly, cuckoo, wacky, sappy, screwball, humourous, joker, whacky.

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