Pronunciation of Talent
/tˈalənt/, /tˈalənt/, /t_ˈa_l_ə_n_t/

Synonyms for talent:

Sense 1

Cutie, trick, accuracy, polish, high gear, sex symbol, virtuosity, resource, core competence, smasher, crumpet, bent, accomplishment, the wherewithal, acrobatics, sex object, street smarts, looker, prowess, armory, form, functioning, eye candy, hand-eye coordination, art, sense, mind, jailbait, grasp, showmanship, repertoire, professionalism, workmanship, dreamboat, power, aptness, equipment, wizardry, pinup.

Sense 2

instinct, class, eyeful, ease, It, babe.

Sense 3

dish, hot stuff.

Sense 12


Other synonyms and related words:

strength, resource, virtuosity, efficacy, professionalism, It, eyeful, knowledge, endowment, capacity, accomplishment, showmanship, ease, equipment, instinct, babe, intellect, grasp, gift, Cutie, qualification, giving, aptness, dreamboat, looker, endowment fund, armory, touch, mind, susceptibility, natural endowment, efficiency, accuracy, faculty, smasher, bent, wizardry, power, competency, dish, forte, workmanship, polish, prowess, head, art, sense.

Sense 1 (noun)

prowess, forte, faculty.

Sense 3 (noun)

eye candy, aptness, smasher, head, dish, hot stuff, instinct, sex object, babe, Cutie, sex symbol, bent.

ability (noun)

knack, endowment, capability, craft, skill, art, flair, aptitude, facility, aptness, genius, bent, head, forte, know-how, power, gift, expertise, faculty, capacity.

gift (noun)


intelligence (noun)


prodigy (noun)

stunner, oddity, sensation, paragon, prodigy, expert, magician, shocker, mahatma, rarity, phenomenon, thunderbolt, wizard, luminary, marvel, crackerjack, miracle, star, spectacle, curiosity, wonder, whiz.

skill (noun)

mastery, proficiency, genius, adeptness, craft, deftness, acuity, capability, dexterity, know-how, adroitness, technique, touch, facility, cunning, ability, skill, flair, experience, expertise, knack, aptitude, artfulness, competence.

style (noun)

panache, eloquence, cleverness, style, skillfulness, craftsmanship, expressiveness, finesse, grace, artistry.

talent (noun)

natural endowment, gift, endowment.

Usage examples for talent:

  • Why doesn't he write books, since he is rich and has talent? - "The George Sand-Gustave Flaubert Letters", George Sand, Gustave Flaubert Translated by A.L. McKensie.
  • My talent is small and my work has only a very limited appeal. - "A Daughter of the Middle Border", Hamlin Garland.

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