Antonyms for unabridged:

abridged, shortened, potted, cut, half-length.

Synonyms for unabridged:

Sense 1

detailed, uncensored, absolute, unexpurgated.

Sense 2


Other synonyms and related words:

detailed, unabridged dictionary, uncensored, absolute, unexpurgated, unmitigated, full-length, unabbreviated.

absolute (adjective)

entire, unmitigated.

complete (adjective)

uncut, undivided, all, complete, comprehensive, unabbreviated, finished, final, done, collective, entire, whole, accomplished, intact, plenary, thorough, universal, integral, sum, solid, conclusive, unified, uncensored, unexpurgated, exhaustive, total, full, through, unsevered.

not shortened (adjective)

full-length, unabbreviated, total, whole, intact, complete, unexpurgated, uncut, entire.

communication (noun)

unabridged dictionary.

unabridged (noun)

full-length, uncut, comprehensive.

Usage examples for unabridged:

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