Pronunciation of Cut
/kˈʌt/, /kˈʌt/, /k_ˈʌ_t/

Synonyms for cut:

Sense 1

dramatize, downtrend, dub in, erosion, thrust, authorship, escalope, top round, cutaway, decrement, incapacitate, special effect, bitten, paginate, skew, pad out, corn dog, name calling, scallop, marrowbone, intercut, impure, authorial, webbing, deactivate, creative writing, injury, dub over, fictionalize, wishbone, cutlet, write in, truancy, paragraph, rump steak, beefsteak, cut away, trash-talk, emend, scratch out, post-production, hack up, FPS, sanitize, pagination, stage-manage, nail, saw off, drop off, scalp, proofread, steak, lengthen, cinematography, cutting room, elongate, drumstick, Bollywood, soft focus, debilitate, carve, nap, plow through, disable, saw at, score out, pan, truantry, sirloin, gouge out, append, chuck steak, brisket, the big screen, dub out, Diminishment, etch, rub out, rasher, dissever, coldshoulder, exclusion, bestselling, reap, sprain, filming, cutback, hooky, prime rib, Storyboard, pre-production, saw up, freeze-frame, maim, censorship, plow into, spare ribs, cinematic, hollywood, strike out, slice off, read through, letup, shrinkage, pork belly, rake off, lacerate, animation, absence, whet, interpolate, pen name, T-bone Steak.

Sense 2

consolidate, break through, transcription, bruise, chump, injure, attrition, prop, chip away, saw, slump, textile, pierce, the movies, topside, dislocate, thigh, slowdown, tail-off, rundown, knuckle, taper, crisscross, immobilize, writing, wound, mitigation, ply, bulldoze, yarn, truncate, raw, moderation, cloth, diminution, bloody, picture, pleat, location, fall off, ebb, haunch, construction, curtailment, engrave, collapse, drapery, editorial, haggle, mutilate, allocation, tumble, trump, crick, flip off, sieve, the silver screen, engraving, abatement, continuity, truant, produce, scenario, graze.

Sense 3

dole, cut through, loin, jibe, go by, scar, jimmy, sharpen, paralyze, telescope, yaw, fillet, brush, fabric, top, lay open, cannibalize, line up, plate, shuffle, shun, queue, pause, update, spurn, shovel, finely, shut off, dub, record, wrench, shut down, scald, pay out, section, water, shave off, bark, production, chisel, rib, hock, fiber, flail, dive, celluloid, adapt, sag, lever, decline.

Sense 4

choke, nosedive, slight, read, operate, plunge, blind, plug, cripple, shoot, pinch, kiss off, freeze, bias, stamp out.

Sense 5

dip, dog, lose, film, weaken, material, plane, chuck, direction, direct, leg, proof, swipe, crimp, rake, span, lame, chase, penetrate.

Sense 6

gather, voice, bid, fold, punch, studio, jam, name, ream, retire.

Sense 7

smooth, strain, breach.

Sense 8

file, scrape.

Sense 9

frame, rush, fall, stop.

Sense 10

cross, grow, drill, hammer, pile.

Sense 11

pull, quarter, machine.

Sense 12

draw, wing.

Sense 13

see, side, push, stick.

Sense 14


Sense 16


Sense 17


Sense 19


Sense 20


Sense 22







cut off.


cut out.

cut short


cut up





pick apart.


cut back.

get rid of

deep-six, deep-sixed.






brush off.




queue, line up.


lowered, mark down, lower.




write in.








abbreviate, truncate.












turn out.

turn off

switch off.




thin out.

Other synonyms and related words:

crosscut, hew, scratch, hooky, curtailment, thrust, pierce, penetrate, plug, bite, hack, style, bang, scrape, mow, knock, snub, peg, scratch out, rap, chase, crimp, engrave, carve, cut back, pass over, end, lash, chisel, cutting, rasher, cutback, stripe, dole, fashion, abbreviate, clipping, wound, stab, skip, turn, poke, chip, water, strike out, swing, thump, cut down, punch, abatement, shorten, truancy, sting, pass, graven.

all (adjective)


diluted (adjective)


diminished (adjective)

shortened, Leached, abridged, contracted, downgraded, drained, concentrated, eroded, Pared, clipped, depleted, abbreviated, Receded, decreased, compressed, pruned, removed, lessened, weeded, truncated, tapered, Bobbed, deflated, Compacted, Curtailed, cropped, trimmed, mowed, decremented, docked, reduced, Nipped, shrunken, dropped, Dwindled, diminished, shaved, sheared, lowered, deducted, Lightened, condensed.

disjoint (adjective)

dissected, partitioned, dissociated, fissured, split, Disengaged, Sundered, separated, unhinged, unglued, Disassociated, dismantled, broken, sliced, scissored, fragmented, disjoint, Disintegrated, severed, disunited, detached, uncoupled, segregated, Excised, disarticulated, Bisected, divorced, unfixed, parted, divided, disassembled, rent, Halved, disconnected, cleaved, incised.

grooved (adjective)

furrowed, Channeled, grooved, corrugated, Fluted, dug, incised, Slotted, rutted.

halved (adjective)

bifurcated, divided, Bisected, cleaved, forked, half, branching, halve, fissured, split, severed, halfway, carved.

low (adjective)

marked down.

notched (adjective)

gashed, incised, notched, indented, Nicked, chinked, Jogged, serrated, Scored, cracked, slit, split.

obliterated (adjective)

obliterated, stricken, Erased, Expunged, Annulled, Canceled, censored, Deleted, Omitted, Eradicated, Eliminated, expurgated, edited.

portioned (adjective)

fraction, Portioned, Zoned, compartmented, Parceled, allotted, apportioned, rationed, shared, measured, subdivided, Dismembered, segmented, Pieced, partitioned, budgeted, sliced, split, half, divided.

reduced (adjective)

abbreviated, Bobbed, bated, abridged, trimmed, removed, cropped, deducted, sheared, watered, Deleted, decreased, reduced, Curtailed, impure, Elided, diminished, drained, Depreciated, Discounted, deflated, eroded, compressed, shortened, pruned, shaved, contracted, lowered, subtracted, Snubbed, Pared, docked, clipped, lessened, mowed, Nipped, weeded.

rejected (adjective)

disapproved, Excised, Disallowed, junked, Excluded, Blackballed, Snipped, abandoned, barred, Denied, chopped, Eliminated, jettisoned, blacklisted, checked, rejected, deep-sixed, shed, discarded, Trashed, jilted, Disclaimed, scrapped.

Sense 1 (noun)

shut off, stamp out.

Sense 2 (noun)

chisel, reap, quarter, chop down, hew, truncate, carve.

Sense 3 (noun)

rake, scratch, lacerate, wound.

Sense 4 (noun)

pierce, puncture, penetrate.

Sense 5 (noun)

cross, intersect.

Sense 7 (noun)

append, dramatize, adapt.

Sense 10 (noun)

cutting room, dub over, animation, cutaway, dub, dub out, direct, direction, record, dub in.

Sense 11 (noun)


Sense 12 (noun)

fashion, make, break down.

Sense 14 (noun)

cutback, dissever, shrinkage, collapse, slump, plunge, decline, fall.

Sense 15 (noun)

authorship, editorial, bestselling, authorial, creative writing, pen name, censorship, pagination.

Sense 16 (noun)

skew, yaw, crimp.

Sense 18 (noun)

brisket, chump, chuck steak, beefsteak, corn dog, water, chuck, cutlet.

Sense 19 (noun)

fiber, textile, gather, fold, shun, cloth, pleat, material, spurn, fabric, yarn, coldshoulder.

Sense 21 (noun)

chip away, crisscross.

Sense 22 (noun)

cinematic, film, FPS, celluloid, the big screen, Bollywood, cinematography, frame.

Sense 23 (noun)

bulldoze, cut through, cut across, push, traverse.

Sense 25 (noun)

cut away, gouge out.

Sense 26 (noun)

etch, finely.

Sense 27 (noun)

elongate, grow, extend, lengthen, telescope.

Sense 28 (noun)

queue, line up, head.

Sense 29 (noun)

jibe, name calling, insult, kiss off.

abridged (noun)

abridged, condensed, shortened, abbreviated, truncated, reduced, censored, edited.

allotment (noun)

bite, rake off.

bisection (noun)

dichotomy, half-and-half, bifurcation, hemisphere.

blow (noun)

poke, slap.

cut (noun)

chopped, baseball swing, cutting off, cut back, split, thin, edit, excision, cold shoulder, deletion, cut of meat, gashed, swing, weakened, curve, felled, write out, turn off, thin out, hack, sheared, track, style, down, abridged, shortened, sliced, gash, castrated, dilute, make out, ignore, veer, trend, tailor, slash, bring down, trim, downed, cut-up, slue, thinned, stinger, perforate, emasculated, disregard, skip, slashed, severed, gelded, swerve, trim back, slew, sheer, decreased, injured, hand-hewn, clipped, issue, pierced, shredded, rationalise, perforated, snub, slit, trim down, mown, edit out, slice, trimmed, crosscut, cut down, incised, reduced, punctured, switch off, hewn, prune, slitted, rationalize, cutting, diluted, unsexed.

cut back (noun)

curtail, decrease, scale down, slash, lessen, lop, check, lower, trim, reduce, prune, curb, crop.

cut down (noun)

decrease, diminish, prune, reduce, fell, hew, chop down, lessen, saw, lower, lop, curtail, curb.

cut in (noun)


cut off (noun)

chop off, separate, disconnect, detach, interrupt, amputate, insulate, end, remove, break off, sever, stop.

cut out (noun)

drop, stop, break down, delete, exclude, separate, edit, excise, omit, remove.

cut up (noun)

decrease, fashion, reduction, allocation, cutback, rip, incision, part, piece, style, crop, dismember, slit, proportion, score, trim, slice, ration, bit, notch, dissect, shave, carve, portion, gash, nick, clip, laceration, share, slash, wound, quota, section, divide.

decrease (noun)


dent (noun)

incision, scallop.

discounted price (noun)

deduction, refund, reduction, mark down, rebate, sale, bargain.

disjunction (noun)

disengagement, separation, detachment, alienation, segregation, disassembly, disassociation, disunity, fissure, dissection, amputation, bisection, division, cleavage, dissociation, Disarticulation, incision, partition, disintegration, disconnection.

groove (noun)

corrugation, flute, slot, ravine, furrow, gutter, channel, gully, dado, rut, groove, trough, ditch, canal, trench.

incision (noun)

dissection, groove, furrow, slit, shave, notch, chip, chop, carving, slot, trim, cleft, rip, gash, trench, section, pierce, snip, nick, laceration, rent, cleavage, graze, slash, wound, fissure, stab.

insult (noun)

indignity, offense.

notch (noun)

gap, gash, rift, score, indent, indentation, chink, jog, serration, notch, nick, crevice, cleft.

opening (noun)


portion (noun)

helping, stock, compartment, allotment, stake, dividend, fraction, percentage, quantum, lot, allowance, bit, proportion, commission, member, subdivision, quota, sector, interest, half.

portion of profit (noun)

division, lot, segment, share, member, part, allotment, percentage, slice, quota, piece, bite, allowance.

reduced (noun)

impure, reduced, Discounted, diluted, marked down, watered, lowered, slashed.

reduction, diminution (noun)

cutback, decrement, decrease, fall, reduction.

severed (noun)

divided, split, separated, detached, cut off, severed.

shape (noun)

fashion, style, construction.

slashed (noun)


style, shape of clothing (noun)

construction, fashion.

take (noun)


allot (verb)

apportion, deal, give, dispense, Mete, measure, portion, allot, budget, assign, earmark, ration, share, allow, segment, set, distribute, allocate, parcel.

allotted (verb)

rationed, budgeted, distributed, allotted, Portioned, given, measured, Dealt, Gave, shared, apportioned, assigned, Earmarked, dispensed, Allowed, allocated, Meted, Parceled, segmented, partitioned.

castrate (verb)

emasculate, sterilize, geld, castrate, unman, spay.

castrated (verb)

emasculated, sterilized, gelded, castrated, unmanned, spayed.

cheapen (verb)

cheapen, deflate, devalue, belittle, slash, devaluate, debase, degrade.

cheapened (verb)

debased, devalued, marked down, belittled, devaluated, Cheapened, degraded, slashed.

dilute (verb)

dilute, thin, attenuate, water down.

diluted (verb)

diluted, thinned, attenuated, watered.

engraved (verb)


exclude (verb)


groove (verb)

corrugate, dig.

grooved (verb)

dug, grooved, Channeled, corrugated, Fluted, rutted, furrowed, incised.

halve (verb)

branch, slit, fork, bifurcate, tear, rupture.

halved (verb)

forked, tore, ruptured, bifurcated, torn, branched, fissured, Rented, slitted.

injured (verb)


notch (verb)


notched (verb)

gashed, Nicked, indented, incised, slitted, chinked, serrated, notched, split, cracked, Scored, cleaved.

obliterate (verb)

cancel, obliterate, edit, censor, expunge, annihilate, erase, eradicate, expurgate, annul, omit, strike.

obliterated (verb)

expurgated, obliterated, Erased, Expunged, stricken, struck, annihilated, Annulled, Omitted, Eradicated, Canceled, edited, censored.

portion (verb)

compartmentalize, subdivide, dismember, chunk, zone, piece.

portioned (verb)

compartmentalized, chunked.

reject (verb)

emit, disallow, snip, belch, discharge, vomit, bar, crop, discard, secrete, trash, shear, deny, eliminate, jilt, lop, exhaust, blackball, exude, evacuate, scrap, excrete, seep, disclaim, clip, shed, spew, excise, blacklist, vent, disapprove, oppugn, drain, disgorge, deep-six, junk, eject, jettison, cull, reject, check, erupt, abandon, curtail, chop, exclude.

rejected (verb)

exhausted, Belched, scraped, Sniped, Secreted, Ejected, cropped, discharged, clipped, Culled, seeped, evacuated, Exuded, sheared, erupted, Oppugned, Emitted, Curtailed, Ejaculated, Disgorged, Excreted, drained, vented, Vomited, shedded, lopped, Spewed.

separate (verb)

disassemble, Unglue, disassociate, divide, split, amputate, insulate, disarticulate, dissect, disunite, sever, break, uncouple, remove, unhinge, halve, cleave, disjoin, part, rip, disengage, disintegrate, scissor, slice, incise, separate, bisect, segregate, axe, detach, divorce, disconnect, dismantle, Unfix, dissociate, disaffiliate, rend, estrange, sunder, alienate, fragment.

separated (verb)

dissected, Halved, divided, dissociated, Disengaged, disjoined, unglued, separated, Bisected, detached, divorced, unhinged, estranged, Disassociated, fragmented, rent, unfixed, ripped, Amputated, disaffiliated, axed, sliced, dismantled, Insulated, broke, cleaved, broken, disconnected, disunited, segregated, parted, Sundered, alienated, severed, disassembled, Disintegrated, incised, uncoupled.

sever, chop with sharp instrument; incise (verb)

hew, score, separate, chisel, clip, reap, amputate, fell, intersect, mow, bisect, lacerate, shear, crop, carve, curtail, quarter, puncture, hack, penetrate, scissor, dissect, saw, lay open, dissever, prune, perforate, lop, cleave, divide, rend.

subtract (verb)

deduct, diminish, lessen, discount, weed, lower, prune, bob, depreciate, delete, elide, reduce, trim, decrease, shave, subtract, dock, abridge, pare.

subtracted (verb)

deducted, trimmed, shaved, lessened, weeded, pruned, Deleted, abridged, clipped, reduced, decreased, subtracted, Elided, Depreciated, cropped, lowered, Discounted, Curtailed, diminished, Bobbed, docked, sheared, Pared.

Usage examples for cut:

  • Let's cut it, then! - "The Salamander", Owen Johnson.
  • Oh, yes, and they have got their work cut out for them. - "Love Under Fire", Randall Parrish.
  • Did I know you were de Lorgnac's wife, I had cut off my sword arm rather than do what I did then. - "The Heart of Denise and Other Tales", S. (Sidney) Levett-Yeats.

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