Pronunciation of Cast
/kˈast/, /kˈast/, /k_ˈa_s_t/

Synonyms for cast:

Sense 1

cotton wool, ilk, corset, strongman, trouper, first-aid kit, hull, carriage, Whaling, dress rehearsal, escapologist, rehearsal, visually, lineup, typecast, guise, scavenge, exploded, ice fishing, ferret, close season, puppeteer, snare, open season, strategize, headliner, rehearse, falconry, predation, star, trawl, brace, tourniquet, comedian, funny man, cotton wool ball, toreador, matador, conveyor, built, screen test, proneness, fox hunting, splint, straight man, closed season, the factory floor, acrobat, ice pack, field sports, comedienne, production line, VJ, truss, comic, raconteur, totalize, drag queen, proclivity, mint, troupe, try out for, blood sports, stripper, quality control, angling, porcelain, fish, conjurer, shrimping, assembly line, stooge, choose, hunting, cotton ball, lasso, capital goods, impersonator, female impersonator, geisha, hunting ground, contortionist, audition, fly-fishing, externals, read for, actor, Plaster Of Paris, troubadour, duo, artiste, Styling, hunt, poultice, whale, eye patch, fishing, Veejay, overfishing, pixelated, fire-eater, expression, reel in, gender bender, pantyliner, minstrel, harpoon, dame, entertainer, shop floor, stand up, gypsum, the casting couch, ventriloquist, pantomime horse, spoor, interpreter, showman, impresario, color, hypnotist.

Sense 2

scrabble, cull, mockup, irradiate, migration, hero, trend, propensity, gore, bristle, cane, prance, sectional, bandage, act, heroine, walker, recast, scent, feather, trap, cutaway, cardboard cut-out, try out, predilection, split-screen, maul, shade, construction, bait, artist, leaning, tinge, penchant, spread, tone, dressing, species, plastic, band aid, burrow, cotton, complexion, tendency, hibernate, working, frisk, staff, walking stick, aim, impressionist, lint, conveyor belt, overwinter.

Sense 3

lead, buck, growl, radiate, dogfight, visage, beach, spray, template, predisposition, trail, paw, crutch, haul, blueprint, lap, troll, swab, superficial, shy, bias, tolerate, stripe.

Sense 4

go through, trot, run over, plaster, dash, hue, conceive, zero, stalk, effect, season, compress, disposition, mimic.

Sense 5

rear, meet, description.

Sense 6

persuasion, collar, hook, partiality, character, breed, pack, foot.

Sense 7

land, physical, net, patch, lash, plug, bite.

Sense 8

manner, nature, lot, surface.

Sense 9

mount, direct.

Sense 11


Sense 12


Sense 14


Sense 20





totalize, summate, enumerate.


horoscope, libra, sign, cancer, aquarius, taurus, under, the zodiac, star sign, astrology, gemini, astrological, sagittarius, capricorn, virgo, pisces, leo, scorpio, aries.


take up.


put down.





facial expression









sculpted, sculpt.



send off


state of mind



throw off.





Other synonyms and related words:

guise, spew, exuviate, disgorge, stripe, template, turn, account, mould, molt, fashion, calculate, count, color, shy, send, vomit, shed, slough, complexion, casting, matrix, tone, glance, reckon, drop, make, discharge, bias, contrive, expel, throw up, pattern, roll, puke, compute, cut, number, regurgitate, dramatis personae, trace, plaster cast.

scattered (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

conjurer, artist, comedian, comic, act, acrobat, comedienne, artiste.

Sense 2 (noun)

actress, staff, actor, troupe.

Sense 3 (noun)

bite, angling, blood sports, dressing, splint, bait.

Sense 4 (noun)

surface, Styling, effect, externals.

Sense 5 (noun)

conveyor, capital goods, production line, quality control, conveyor belt, the factory floor, assembly line.

Sense 6 (noun)

shade, hue, tone, color, tint.

Sense 7 (noun)

audition, shoot, shy, recast, the casting couch, dash, go through, read for, miscast, dart, dress rehearsal.

Sense 8 (noun)

aim, cotton, cotton ball, corset, turn, bandage, collar, direct, compress, band aid, cane.

Sense 9 (noun)

irradiate, gore, bristle, buck, frisk, emit, beach, burrow, radiate.

Sense 10 (noun)

strategize, conceive, blueprint.

Sense 12 (noun)

mockup, exploded, tot, cardboard cut-out, cutaway, add, totalize, foot.

Sense 13 (noun)


act (noun)


actors in performance (noun)

troupe, dramatis personae.

appearance (noun)

demeanor, bearing, spectacle, figure, countenance, look, image, view, show, mien, display, vista, appearance, air, aspect.

appearance; shade of color (noun)

stamp, look, mien, demeanor, expression, manner, air, embodiment, tone, tint, hue, face, countenance, turn, complexion, tinge, visage.

arrangement (noun)


artifact (noun)

mould, mold.

aspect (noun)


astrology (noun)

aries, capricorn, astrology, cancer, astrological, gemini, aquarius.

a throw to the side (noun)

lob, thrust, toss, fling, pitch, slinging, hurl, casting, heave, sling.

attribute (noun)

shape, form.

bent (noun)


cast (noun)

shake off, formed, cast off, puke, range, mould, throw away, roam, mold, couch, dramatis personae, regurgitate, shape, contrive, be sick, plaster bandage, upchuck, roll, rove, hurl, throw, frame, wander, throw up, retch, throw off, ramble, shed, drift, cat, casting, purge, stray, redact, spew, swan, honk, sick, regorge, chuck, disgorge, form, draw, stamp, plaster cast, vomit, hurtle, spue, vagabond, cast of characters, project, put, drop, vomit up.

cast down (noun)

dramatis personae, shape, model, mould, form, troupe, casting.

color (noun)

tone, tinge.

coloring (noun)


form (noun)


group (noun)

dramatis personae, cast of characters.

line-up (noun)


molded structure (noun)

conformation, plaster, replica, mold, shape, duplicate, figure, sculpture, form, copy, facsimile.

prediction (noun)

prediction, prognostication, horoscope, prophecy.

representation (noun)

idol, snapshot, facsimile, silhouette, drawing, figurine, representation, impression, model, picture, outline, pastiche, portrayal, imitation, cartoon, replica, copy, depiction, photograph, rendering, illustration, miniature, effigy, approximation, metaphor, analogy, bust, statue, carving, duplication, likeness.

sculpture (noun)

mannequin, bronze, sculpture, molding, relief, cameo.

flip (noun, verb)


attribute (verb)

credit, brand, connect, ascribe, attach, cite, accredit, assign, place, mark, blame, attribute, apply, refer, acknowledge, impute, set.

attributed (verb)

branded, acknowledged, credited, Imputed, connected, Attributed, placed, assigned, Cited, attached, accredited, applied, Referred, blamed, marked, Ascribed.

calculate (verb)

summate, reckon, compute, count, number, forecast, add, foot, tot.

categorize (verb)

designate, label, assort, stamp.

categorized (verb)

designated, labeled, assorted, stamped.

competition (verb)


creation (verb)

throw, project, contrive.

emit, give (verb)

radiate, direct, spread, aim, spray.

order (verb)

schematize, group, organize, separate, plan, rationalize, Methodize, pigeonhole, score, establish, frame, plot, prepare, scheme, maintain, integrate, order, balance, arrange, screen, form, structure, shape, sift, type, harmonize, settle, control, orchestrate, grade, compose, stabilize, chart, design, stratify, unsnarl, schedule, rate, regulate, class, collate, array, devise, marshal, sort, rank, fix, systematize, support, subordinate, program, categorize, adjust, classify, normalize, unify, right, mediate.

ordered (verb)

unsnarled, mediated, scheduled, Marshalled, settled, supported, schematized, separated, Classed, graded, integrated, shaped, sorted, Charted, organized, ordered, regulated, balanced, arranged, Devised, harmonized, Sifted, Rated, Righted, programmed, orchestrated, Methodized, fixed, ranked, maintained, established, Scored, classified, formed, Screened, pigeonholed, unified, structured, systematized, composed, designed, arrayed, framed, planned, Schemed, stratified, grouped, rationalized, Subordinated, Collated, stabilized, categorized, adjusted, controlled, prepared, normalized, typed, plotted.

propel (verb)

heave, thrust, fling, throw, drive, goad, sling, launch, precipitate, push, prod, project, ram, impel, cant, shunt, chuck, compel, propel, shove, hurl, pitch, flick, bunt, pelt, bowl, butt, toss, catapult, fire, lob.

propelled (verb)

Shunted, Butted, Bowled, impelled, goaded, Launched, canted, catapulted, compelled, Precipitated, Rammed, Flicked, Pelted, Threw, Lobbed, chucked, Shoved, Slung, thrown, heaved, Flung, drove, bunted, Hurled, driven, pitched, projected, Pushed, fired, Prodded, Tossed, Propelled.

represent (verb)

ape, render, replicate, portray, simulate, depict, illustrate, represent, imitate, approximate, duplicate.

represented (verb)

represented, depicted, Aped, Replicated, simulated, Photographed, Duplicated, modeled, Rendered, outlined, copied, illustrated, silhouetted, portrayed, Approximated, Imitated.

scattered (verb)


sculpt (verb)

sculpt, mold, carve.

sculpted (verb)

carved, molded, bronzed, sculpted.

select for activity (verb)

choose, devise, plan, assign, design, determine, chart, arrange, blueprint, designate.

throw aside (verb)

shed, project, drive, drop, launch, impel, chuck, fire, shy.

Usage examples for cast:

  • He must not be cast down- he would not! - "Astounding Stories of Super-Science, December 1930", Various.

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