Pronunciation of Bed
/bˈɛd/, /bˈɛd/, /b_ˈɛ_d/

Synonyms for bed:

Sense 1

cupful, screw around, sickbed, twin beds, warming pan, rock garden, bight, whirlpool, seconds, midstream, plateful, lawn, estuary, shallows, bedhead, go down on, orchard, botanical garden, GLOP, wedge, crate, poke, deflower, bedstead, headwaters, gurney, flowerbed, interleave, bedrock, intersperse, packing, firth, bowlful, bedroll, rind, have away, RAPIDS, overfill, sleep around, serving, white water, Air bed, waterfall, ford, grate, bedpost, dice, bayou, weir, peristyle, herbaceous border, topping, interpose, Portacrib, sunbed, outcrop, bedside, vein, sleep together, truckle bed, bower, waterbed, headboard, riverbed, kitchen garden, suck off, trolley, futon, pack away, trundle bed, carrycot, fasten, open water, cram, floodgate, divan, pack into, aquifer, have off.

Sense 2

entomb, backyard, cataract, morsel, groundwork, confluence, footing, climax, domicile, basis, mouthful, dollop, foundation, go with, lodge, pat, upthrust, shoehorn, backwater, yogurt, insertion, ration, lock away, mess around, jump into, steppingstone, base, sediment, crosscurrent.

Sense 3

consummate, ram, bowl, cascade, nibble, allotment, slot into, slot in, inset, nugget, slab, overload, cake, board, pack up, border, patch, crumb, bugger, mountain, tick, bottle, fork, Underpinning, ground.

Sense 4

harbor, cup, knock off, batch, penetrate, walk, body, consumption, center, get around.

Sense 5

rock, mouth, stone, insert, sugar, jar, scrap, source, bestow, head, bury, feast, load.

Sense 6

package, crash, thread, accommodate, slice, squeeze, bag, channel, bite, dash.

Sense 7

pack, foot, stuff, pocket, branch, strength, lock.

Sense 8

get off, C, taste, feed.

Sense 9

round, ball, jump, squash, flop.

Sense 10

get on, score, plate, box.

Sense 11

fit, take, fall.

Sense 15


Sense 17



lie with, go to bed, sleep with, have sex, sleep together, do it.







go to bed

turn in.







turn in

hit the sack, go to sleep.

vegetable patch


Other synonyms and related words:

mattress, mouth, give, bury, inset, weir, fare, wedge, bower, kitchen garden, undersurface, furrow, floor, footing, contend, C, deliver, bag, freighter, take, bite, hit the hay, bop, floodgate, gurney, feast, acknowledge, couch, bottom, pallet, neck, confluence, Underpinning, insertion, underside, crate, buns, crawl in, branch, eff, seam, merchant ship, feed, backside, distinguish, issue, complete, kip down, nugget, cup, accommodations, pat, herbaceous border, jar, crease, wrinkle, retire, entomb, allotment, chicane, bum, bayou, RAPIDS, rear, butt, layer, base, bang, patch, recognize, substratum, bedhead, batch, stuff, line, stretcher, steppingstone, DO, box, slam, get by, tell apart, domicile, go to sleep, fit, whop, make do, have, insert, futon, jazz, prat, love, catnapping, sleep, come, consummate, be intimate, upthrust, garden, penetrate, bedstead, fill out, lie with, get along, repose, divan, z's, slab, outcrop, pad, mouthful, backyard, make love, roll in the hay, cut, tail end, recede, nates, chouse, behind, deal, accommodate, fanny, cram, hit the sack, bottomland, nibble, get laid, tush, know, bowl, merchantman, do it, rock garden, cognise, hunch over, ground, consumption, source, pick out, bedside, bedrock, crumb, live, have it off, rock, hump, pack, can, spot, get it on, cataract, level, stratum, rest, bestow, retreat, whap, dollop, grapple, sack out, bowlful, entrench, posterior, recognise, backwater, hindquarters, fall, hunch forward, shaft, stone, peristyle, foundation, aquifer, buttocks, walk, jockey, fundament, Enroot, manage, cheat, stern, turn in, bight, climax, cope, sock, hind end, sleep with, harbor, embed, crinkle, tail, Snoozing, bedpost, implant, center, ford, experience, foot, have a go at it, botanical garden, cake, topping, bottle, bonk, border, tooshie, seat, vein, keister, bash, write out, ram, enjoy, spang, cascade, lawn, GLOP, have it away, sediment, crash, cognize, board, hunch, bedroll, go to bed, body, withdraw, pocket, basis, ball, lodge, flop, serving, channel, dash, discern, rump, overfill, derriere, shut-eye, render, adjourn, slumber, orchard, groundwork, flowerbed, rind, fasten, make out.

Sense 1 (noun)

pallet, couch, mattress, accommodations, flop.

Sense 2 (noun)

foundation, groundwork, Air bed, base, bedside, bedroll, bedstead, bedhead, bedpost.

Sense 3 (noun)

flowerbed, garden, patch, allotment, botanical garden, border, bower, herbaceous border, backyard.

Sense 4 (noun)

bedrock, sediment, steppingstone, crash, outcrop, rock, stone, aquifer.

Sense 5 (noun)

bayou, cascade, confluence, bestow, harbor, accommodate, branch, channel, cataract, backwater, board, domicile, lodge, bight.

Sense 6 (noun)

crate, entomb, embed, center, have, bag, cram, bury, take, bottle, box.

Sense 7 (noun)

footing, consummate, Underpinning, ground, basis, substratum, foot.

Sense 8 (noun)

bite, consumption, C, bowl, bowlful, cake, crumb, batch.

base, foundation (noun)

bedrock, rest, substratum, bottom, ground, groundwork, seat, basis.

bed (noun)

hump, fold-away bed, bunk, king-size bed, roll-away bed, do it, crib, have it away, have sex, hospital bed, be intimate, make out, bunk bed, queen-size bed, lie with, get it on, seam, have it off, get laid, have intercourse, bassinet, single bed, double bed, four-poster, hammock, cradle, sofa bed, bottom, day bed, make love, berth, sleep with, love, cot, eff, bang, know, bonk, jazz, have a go at it.

bedding (noun)


bottom (noun)


furniture for sleeping (noun)

cradle, divan, crib, cot, mattress, bassinet, couch, bunk, pallet, bedstead, berth.

layer (noun)


object (noun)


patch of ground for planting (noun)

garden, border.

quarters (noun)


stretcher (noun)


plant (verb)

embed, insert, implant, base.

Usage examples for bed:

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