Synonyms for aim:

objective (adjective)


Sense 1

pelt, overhand, zero in on, lob, envisage, sling, work up to, jettison, scatter, slash, drive at, reload, plan on, overarm.

Sense 2

juggle, toss, lunge, fire off, shoot at, lash out, tenor, outgun, hit out, bung, swipe, strike at, hurl, sight, chuck, get at, pin on.

Sense 3

reason, skim, fling, snipe, why, live for, bead, throw, skip, turn on, pray, flip.

Sense 4

stick up, contemplate, zero, stone.

Sense 5

let off, hold out.

Sense 6

unload, substance.

Sense 7

swing, open up, fire.

Sense 8

load, cast.

Sense 9

view, pitch.

Sense 10


Sense 12


Sense 13


Sense 17


Sense 20

turn, cover.




set out.


end, angle.

Sense 2 (noun)

lunge, hit out, slash, swing, turn, cast, strike at, lash out, swipe.

Sense 3 (noun)

plan on, envisage, contemplate.

Sense 5 (noun)

fling, hurl, lob, toss, throw, pitch.

aim (noun)

bearing, drive, object, heading, objective, target, design, aspire, place, direct, shoot for, purport, intention, propose, point, calculate, get, purpose, intent.

bearing (noun)

heading, position, direction, course, bearing, inclination, orientation, location, vector, fix.

cognition (noun)

intent, design, purpose, intention.

direction (noun)

track, itinerary, trend, route, path.

endeavor (noun)

engagement, job, action, deed, undertaking, enterprise, production, purpose, effort, adventure, gambit, performance, proceeding, project, essay, commitment.

goal (noun)

design, object, end, scheme, purpose, direction, mark, objective, target, ambition, intention, wish, desideratum, intent, aspiration, course, plan.

heading (noun)

vector, heading.

intention (noun)

idea, proposal, prospectus, strategy, scenario, consideration, agenda, ambition, object, scheme, calculation, choice, intention, schedule, plan, forecast, goal, wish, forethought, expectation, procedure, policy, will.

plan (noun)

conception, contrivance, arrangement, design, plot, proposition, anticipation, invention, coordination, premeditation, chart, blueprint.

pursuit (noun)

objective, vocation, lodestar, destination, aspiration, profession, target, pursuit, life work, mission.

cognition (verb)

direct, calculate.

communication (verb)

get, drive.

competition (verb)

take, direct, train, take aim.

endeavor (verb)

assay, exploit, engage, endeavor, approach, perform, venture, undertake, volunteer, maneuver, proceed, contract, attempt, act, commit.

head (verb)

steer, head, bear.

intend (verb)

intend, choose, consider, resolve, expect, propose, mind, mean.

plan (verb)

arrange, premeditate, coordinate, invent, contrive, conceive, anticipate.

point or direct at a goal (verb)

angle, contemplate, intend, endeavor, level, zero in on, attempt, address, mean, cast, train, steer, fix, sight, propose, aspire, direct, strive, essay.

pursue (verb)

dog, search, quest, pursue, chase, sleuth, tail, strive, trail, seek, stalk, hunt, follow, aspire, harry.

sense (verb)


Usage examples for aim:

  • What does Doubleday aim to do with Stone? - "Laramie Holds the Range", Frank H. Spearman.
  • What you aim to do with it? - "The Ridin' Kid from Powder River", Henry Herbert Knibbs.
  • But our aim is life, not death. - "White Fire", John Oxenham.

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