Synonyms for appointment:

Sense 1

conferencing, interview, professional development, plenum, work experience, order book, extraordinary general meeting, debriefing, hot desking, delegation, commission, EGM, workload, gig, career, portfolio working, videoconferencing, pep rally, probation, convocation, consultation, metier, press conference, Furnishing, town meeting, job-sharing, symposium, incumbency, annual meeting, audioconferencing, division of labor, off-site, office, forum, job, opportunity, visit, working practices, livelihood, MTG, working life, billet, news conference, general meeting, colloquium, occupational, vacancy, WEBINAR, meeting, seminar, AGM, conclave, caucus, indaba, parley, briefing, job description, encounter, videoconference, performance appraisal, teleconference, performance review, workshop, job security, congress.

Sense 2

summit, sustenance, convention, slot, war council, conference, tenure, hour, collaboration, movable, opus, profession, pluralism.

Sense 3

post, deal, background, start out, council.

Sense 4

rally, opening, audience, session, berth, assembly, labor, spot, professionally, load.

Sense 5

professional, trade, position.

Sense 6

situation, work.

Sense 7

business, term.

Sense 10


Sense 13


Sense 15





assignation, tryst.



Other synonyms and related words:

consultation, probation, business, escort, background, job, involvement, battle, council, career, line, betrothal, work, troth, commission, tryst, capacity, convention, conference, vacancy, congress, audioconferencing, employment, mesh, occupational, assigning, livelihood, nomination, forum, grant, function, off-site, fight, interlocking, collaboration, conclave, identification, involution, trade, deputation, workshop, colloquium, visit, meshing, adjustment, post, office, encounter, Furnishing, trying on, briefing, rendezvous, profession, opening, slot, parley, delegation, situation, spot, service, symposium, audience, AGM, berth, booking, billet, appellation, tenure, hour, place, incumbency, deal, gig, movable, position, metier, conflict, connection, caucus, interview, assignation, denomination, appellative, duty assignment, assembly, meeting, accommodation, participation.

Sense 1 (noun)

annual meeting, nomination, briefing, audience, conclave, audioconferencing, AGM, caucus, deputation, colloquium, assembly.

Sense 2 (noun)

meeting, interview, rendezvous, assignation.

Sense 3 (noun)

post, job, business, profession, career, background, collaboration, division of labor, office, delegation.

Sense 5 (noun)

gig, berth, spot, position, billet, place, situation, slot.

Sense 6 (noun)


Sense 7 (noun)

movable, Furnishing.

act (noun)

designation, naming, assignment.

appointment (noun)

fitting, assignment, designation, naming, date, appointee, engagement.

arrangement for meeting; prearranged meeting (noun)

rendezvous, gig, assignment, session, consultation, assignation, date, tryst, interview, engagement.

artifact (noun)


assignment of responsibility (noun)

naming, nomination, delegation, assigning, designation, deputation.

delegation (noun)


furnishing(s) (noun)


group (noun)

date, engagement.

job, position of responsibility (noun)

employment, appointee, work, place, berth, office, post, situation.

ordination (noun)


naming (verb)


Usage examples for appointment:

  • He had an appointment with Clarence Gordon at dark, but he would not have passed that barn in his present state of mind, if he had known that he could make twice eighty thousand dollars by it. - "The Boy Trapper", Harry Castlemon.
  • Appointment of some to speak Earl Bacleuch concerning the Kirk at Borthwick. - "The-Acts-Of-The-General-Assemblies-of-the-Church-of-Scotland", Church of Scotland. General Assembly.

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