Pronunciation of Crotchet
/kɹˈɒt͡ʃɪt/, /kɹˈɒt‍ʃɪt/, /k_ɹ_ˈɒ_tʃ_ɪ_t/

Synonyms for crotchet:

Sense 1

natural, note, drumbeat, sol, DO, tonic, downbeat, tremolo, mi, double sharp, scale, harmonic, chord, half step, octave, middle c, re, grace note, freak, semibreve, la, vibrato, root, interval, key, quaver, whole note, tone, fa, value, Half-tone, flat, sharp, mood, tenor, sixteenth note, pulse, half note, semiquaver, range, grace, pitch, double flat, ti, bass, eighth note, music, so, Sol-fa, semitone, beat, minim, treble.

Sense 2

F, register, D, G.

Sense 3

C, B.





Other synonyms and related words:

flat, peculiarity, tonic, minim, semibreve, draw, trick, curio, mood, gayness, freak, fad, tenor, individualism, oddment, eccentricity, quip, whole note, B, sweetener, eighth note, mi, tone, scale, semiquaver, ti, tic, kink, idiosyncrasy, treble, interval, pulse, homosexuality, quiddity, C, homosexualism, hook shot, singularity, quaver, homoeroticism, rarity, DO, mannerism, sol, downbeat, half note, chord, beat, note, F, bass, hooking, lure, sixteenth note, hook, erraticism, oddness, sharp, D, octave, natural, bait, claw, caprice, curiosity, twist.

Sense 1 (noun)

B, chord, D, bass, DO, double flat, beat, C.

crotchet (noun)

oddity, hook, queerness, quirkiness, quirk, quarter note.

quirk (noun)

peculiarity, caprice, eccentricity, freak.

shape (noun)


state of mind (noun)


whim (noun)

eccentricity, caprice.

Usage examples for crotchet:

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