Pronunciation of Disagreement
/dˌɪsɐɡɹˈiːmənt/, /dˌɪsɐɡɹˈiːmənt/, /d_ˌɪ_s_ɐ_ɡ_ɹ_ˈiː_m_ə_n_t/

Synonyms for disagreement:

Sense 1

flak, circularity, breach, tangle, battlefield, standoff, affray, hair-splitting, face off, hoo-ha, unpleasantness, ballyhoo, duel, fracas, association, ruckus, contrast, tussle, schism, turf war, rumpus, showdown, toing and froing, flare up, disputation, infighting, slanging match, rhubarb, vendetta, clashing, blow up, ructions, running battle, run-in, cooperation, crossfire, shouting match, free-for-all, ding-dong, disunion, war of words.

Sense 2

the fray, exchange, incongruity, debate, dogfight, tiff, Skirmishing, encounter, polemic, war, pitched battle, rift, Discrepance, skirmish, faction.

Sense 3

scrap, split, scene, spat.

Sense 4

break, brush.

Sense 7


Sense 8


Sense 11










Other synonyms and related words:

discrepancy, crossfire, rhubarb, Skirmishing, contrariety, ballyhoo, brush, noise, scene, distinctiveness, divergency, spat, showdown, faction, distinction, skirmish, deviation, encounter, otherness, tangle, argy-bargy, diversity, break, wrangle, bicker, polemic, discordance, split, run-in, scrap, rift, rumpus, duel, set-to, inequality, inconsistency, unlikeness, dissimilarity, Kickup, division, noncompliance, racket, affray, donnybrook, quarrel, divergence, variability, difficulty, dogfight, discrimination, ding-dong, disunion, exchange, schism, disputation, vendetta, dissimilitude, shouting match, controversy, tussle, disparateness, contretemps, clashing, word, variance, distance, variant, misunderstanding, demur, distinctness, falling out, gap, Discrepance, departure, fracas, rebellion, ruckus, tiff, disparity, breach, hair-splitting, war, argle-bargle, nonconformity, unpleasantness, debate, variation, contrast, infighting, incongruity.

Sense 2 (noun)

incongruity, Discrepance, gap.

Sense 3 (noun)

polemic, tiff, difficulty, run-in, quarrel, bicker, controversy, rhubarb, tangle, spat, wrangle, word, debate.

conflict (noun)

disharmony, altercation, difference, clamor, tension, imbroglio, dissidence, cacophony, riot, squall, discord, feud, animosity, clash, collision, hassle, squabble, harshness, hubbub, warfare, Discordancy, commotion, enmity, dissension, antipathy, strife, brawl, hostility, raucousness, contention, row, dissonance.

contention (noun)


contrast (noun)


difference (noun)

divergency, variance, contrast, diverseness.

difference, unlikeness (noun)

disparity, incompatibility, disharmony, divergence, dissimilarity, disaccord, discordance, dissimilitude, diversity, divergency, inconsistency, incongruity, discrepancy.

difference of opinion (noun)


disagreement (noun)

dissension, variance, discrepancy, misunderstanding, dissonance, argument, complaint, divergence, repudiation, rejection, nonagreement, divisiveness, disaccord.

discord (noun)

controversy, split, breach, wrangle, break, misunderstanding, quarrel, disunion, clashing, vendetta.

discordance (noun)

dissent, incompatibility, discordance, disunity.

dispute, quarrel (noun)

controversy, vendetta, hassle, split, antagonism, dissidence, friction, disunity, wrangle, feud, clash, squabble, altercation, contention, debate, break, discord, opposition, falling out, argument, divisiveness, fight, clashing, spat, breach, variance, difference, conflict, animosity, dissent, strife, misunderstanding, tension, division, hostility, disunion.

opposition (noun)

adversary, hindrance, repression, suppression, opposition, repulsion, conflict, counterattack, confrontation, challenge, dispute, counteraction, impediment, interference, contradiction, fuel, demur, resistance, antagonism, objection, protest, fight, rebuff, inhibition, friction, obstinacy, defiance, rebellion, obstruction.

refusal (noun)

disdain, declination, dismissal, refusal, disinclination, renouncement, denial.

separation (noun)


state (noun)

dissension, dissonance.

vendetta (noun)


Usage examples for disagreement:

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