Antonyms for action:

inaction, idleness, quiescence, inactivity, peace.

Synonyms for action:

Sense 3

latent, preempt, impersonate, nullify, strike, pitch, instance, occupation, potency, torpid, signal, thing, profession, L, idle, leaden, dashing, sleeping, transfer, intake, level, formula, interfere with, industry, spry, react, sluggish, part, running, neutralize, forceful, punch, response, brisk, vitality, calling, portray, enterprising, putter, bustle, counteract, plot, reaction, active, fiery, starch, enact, mettlesome, trade, alive, spirited, respond.

Sense 4

content, operative, power, engaged, step, employed, employ, busy, promulgate, pursuit, stain, routine, out, credit, might, to-do, behave, flourish, peppery, acting.

Sense 5

craft, player, stage, racket, extract, art, measure.

Sense 6

constitute, cancel, rugged, employment, occupy.

Sense 7

represent, animate, tough, score, strength.

Sense 8

establish, shoot, operate.

Sense 9


Sense 10

engage, bit.

Sense 11

spirit, rough.

Sense 17


Sense 18










Sense 2 (noun)

course, handiwork, stunt, thing, bout, step, move, demonstration.

Sense 3 (noun)

content, ad lib, comic relief, backstory, contrivance, aside, trial.

Sense 4 (noun)

battle, pursuit, discharge, combat.

Sense 5 (noun)

class action, court, plot, progress, appeal, dissent, court-martial, committal.

Sense 6 (noun)

come out, go-slow, grievance procedure, industrial action, collective bargaining, general strike, cooling-off period, direct action.

Sense 7 (noun)

flourish, mime, signal, sign, gesticulate, body language, gesture.

Sense 8 (noun)

deportment, flight, transit, way, comportment, transfer, mover, disturbance.

Sense 9 (noun)

aerate, bond, balanced equation, the carbon cycle, adsorb, instance, calcify, behave.

Sense 10 (noun)

skirmish, campaign.

act (noun)

thing, step.

action (noun)

activity, natural action, action mechanism, effort, performance, activeness, practice, action at law, deed, behavior, enterprise, legal action, natural process, movement, motion, conduct, endeavor, play, labor, operation, military action, exercise.

activity (noun)

animation, energy, stirring, vigor, agility, liveliness, kinetics, business.

a legal process (noun)

cause, proceeding, suit, prosecution, lawsuit, case, litigation.

an aggressive military deed (noun)

combat, engagement, skirmish, fight, conflict, battle, contest.

battle (noun)

combat, strife, engagement.

cause (noun)

determinant, cause, motivator, compunction, origination, generation, force, motive, factor, stimulus, drive, elicitation, enforcement, evocation, inspiration, execution, source, provocation, grounds, effectuation, basis, root, compulsion, mainspring.

cheerfulness (noun)


endeavor (noun)

assay, proceeding, gambit, attempt, undertaking, essay, job, production, approach, maneuver, venture, commitment, contract, engagement, purpose, aim, exploit, project, adventure.

energy (noun)

vim, pep.

excitement (noun)


individual deed (noun)

effort, Doing, exertion, undertaking, step, exercise, execution, procedure, handiwork, maneuver, transaction, exploit, move, act, achievement, performance, accomplishment, feat.

knowledge (noun)


lawsuit (noun)

arraignment, case, affidavit, citation, lawsuit, suit, litigation, complaint, allegation, grievance, subpoena, impeachment, count, charge, prosecution, implication, summons, hearing, accusation, writ, indictment.

legal proceeding (noun)


motion (noun)

locomotion, passage, transition, procession, mobility, flux, motility.

something done (noun)

business, bustle, game, animation, energy, vigor, motion, occupation, process, agility, spirit, alacrity, functioning, enterprise, life, industry, force, operation, stunt, racket, vitality, activity, reaction, power, scene, response, liveliness, vim, movement, vivacity, bit.

vigor (noun)

vigorousness, raciness.

means (verb)


social (verb)

litigate, sue, process.

Usage examples for action:

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