Pronunciation of Class
/klˈas/, /klˈas/, /k_l_ˈa_s/

Synonyms for class:

Sense 1

hierarchical, evening class, correspondence course, sixth form, stratification, interest group, class-conscious, committee, consortium, fraternity, recess, skeleton crew, summer school, identify with, extended school, foundation course, populist, mark as, beneath, tribe, posse, snob, dean's list, day school, school night, student council, playtime, inspectorate, noblesse oblige, after-school, school day, typology, group practice, free period, think tank, half-day, straphanging, sandwich course, grouping, subdivision, class struggle, circumstances, working group, hit squad, study hall, search party, classless, honor society, classism, student government, linnaean, the bourgeoisie, dignity, steering committee, dream ticket, phenotype, doctoral, refresher course, put down as, crash course, cabal, hold up as, clinic, school lunch, bourgeois, night school, characterize, railpass, lights-out, egalitarian, meritocracy.

Sense 2

crew, genteel, prerequisite, describe, bracket, ed, world, assembly, jury, rubric, lone, corps, workshop, PGCE, gang, trickle down, modular, progression, recitation, honors, apprenticeship, succession, concentration, stratified, beginning.

Sense 3

cross-section, minor, caliber, hierarchy, monopoly, second class, lesson, lump, generation, unitary, army, timetable, socially, elective, team, coalition, birth.

Sense 4

member, shunt, society, first class, band, major, pool, rail.

Sense 5

article, assign, office, gallery, job, sole, coach, mission, background, interest.

Sense 6

force, lot, movement, network, count.

Sense 7

distribute, extension, board.

Sense 8

shade, unit.

Sense 9


Sense 12





classify, put down as.


quality, rating.


normalize, sort out.





Other synonyms and related words:

furcate, single, hierarchy, bourgeois, coterie, mannikin, break down, branch, bod, discriminate, affiliate, crew, path, count, workshop, associate, folk, snob, generation, beneath, chassis, rubric, relegate, movement, sectionalisation, soma, trend, gradation, crystallize, air division, kinsfolk, subdivision, job, carve up, partitioning, clinic, caliber, divide, ed, rating, signifier, kin, class-conscious, human body, shed light on, ramify, flesh, prerequisite, society, major, fellowship, configuration, recitation, body, family line, course of action, shunt, clique, part, pool, sieve, variant, mission, band, split, figure, board, physical body, tribe, build, concentration, assign, phratry, populist, physique, clear up, descriptor, crystallise, segmentation, enlighten, programme, apprenticeship, anatomy, tell apart, committee, progression, seminar, mannequin, elucidate, mob, grad, timetable, corps, lot, material body, conformation, kinfolk, clear, household, characterize, sept, contour, mark, succession, crystalise, distinguish, home, extension, course, kidney, force, fashion, pattern, year, assembly, member, break, course of study, curriculum, circle, secern, interest, dissever, genre, half-day, reclassify, tier, house, word form, sort out, family unit, manikin, social class, twelvemonth, coalition, straphanging, straighten out, differentiate, Elegancy, lump, sectionalization, tell, state, league, consortium, track, screen out, unitary, bracket, day school, shade, circumstances, yr, lesson, compartmentalize, distribute, birth, unit, course of instruction, fineness, socio-economic class, quality, codify, ground level, hierarchical, describe, monopoly, single out, fall apart, division, disunite, world, manner, fraternity, variance, beginning, menage, illuminate, naval division, come apart, stratum, grouping, gallery, split up, section.

Sense 1 (noun)

hierarchy, quality, genre, league, state, subdivision.

Sense 2 (noun)

society, tribe, birth.

Sense 3 (noun)

after-school, assembly, free period, playtime, seminar, half-day, lights-out, extended school, lesson, recitation.

Sense 4 (noun)

correspondence course, concentration, ed, crash course, day school, apprenticeship, doctoral.

Sense 5 (noun)

army, board, consortium, cabal, coalition, corps, bracket, committee, body, clinic.

Sense 6 (noun)

caliber, characterize.

Sense 7 (noun)

bourgeois, beneath, classism, the bourgeoisie, class-conscious, background, classless.

Sense 8 (noun)

cross-section, grouping.

Sense 9 (noun)

dean's list, honor society, student council, student government, sixth form.

Sense 10 (noun)

shunt, rail, railpass, straphanging, second class, coach, first class.

beauty (noun)


category (noun)

ilk, designation, caste, style, category, persuasion, taxonomy, clan, stripe, stock, denomination, kingdom, phylum, variety, kind, line, breed, feather, make, genotype, step, people, strain, genus, species, classification, grain, Family, series, degree, mold, level, race.

character (noun)

individuality, disposition, peculiarity, reputation, repute, stature, personality, temperament, description, standing, character, nature.

class (noun)

course of instruction, course, year, course of study, division, social class, classify, sort, category, sort out, assort, grade, form, Family, socio-economic class, separate.

elegance (noun)

gracefulness, Elegancy, courtliness.

group (noun)


group in school (noun)

form, course of study, seminar, subdivision, line, course, recitation.

kind, sort, category (noun)

designation, division, rank, temperament, mold, frame, variety, grouping, Family, breed, species, grade, genus, order, caste, quality, branch, make, denomination, stripe, grain, hierarchy, character, feather, genre, classification, nature, standing, kidney, brand, section, ilk, rate, degree, cast, school, description, style, league, set.

lesson (noun)


rank (noun)


school (noun)

collegiate, schoolroom, preschool, classroom, high school, college, institute, school, university.

societal group, background (noun)

circle, coterie, clique, stratum, strain, caliber, birth, pigeonhole, clan, stock, tier, place, state.

taste (noun)

delicacy, taste, grace, charm, discrimination, cultivation, elegance, refinement, Purism.

variety (noun)


workshop (noun)


categorize (verb)

brand, part, codify, separate, designate, classify, mark, assign, stamp, group, label, score, assort, divide.

cognition (verb)

classify, separate, sort, sort out, assort.

order (verb)

frame, settle, marshal, right, cast, collate, classify, array, form, establish, program, rate, balance, sort, unsnarl, group, plan, structure, schedule, grade, stabilize, devise, place, unify, control, separate, normalize, harmonize, arrange, set, score, rank, Methodize, categorize, shape, fix, orchestrate, maintain, pigeonhole, mediate, prepare, screen, adjust, integrate, chart, compose, order, schematize, organize, regulate, type, rationalize, subordinate, systematize, plot, stratify, design, sift, support, scheme.

Usage examples for class:

  • She was travelling first class. - "The Simpkins Plot", George A. Birmingham.
  • In London there is a great number of each class. - "London's Underworld", Thomas Holmes.

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