Synonyms for notify:

Sense 1 (noun)

address, render, convey, leave word, bring forward, acquaint, fill in, issue, pronounce, clue in, enlighten.

Sense 3 (noun)


notify (noun)

apprise, send word, advise, give notice, apprize.

advise (verb)

brief, consult, advocate, recommend, confer, cue, direct, caution, counsel, instruct, prompt, inform, advise, suggest, encourage, admonish, warn, guide.

indicate (verb)

brand, point, denote, label, gesture, point out, wave, nod, nudge, note, wink, tag, indicate, motion, beckon, shrug, alert, ticket, signal, betoken, stamp, gesticulate, symbolize, flag, designate, mark.

inform (verb)

alert, circulate, warn, advise, caution, proclaim, brief, apprise, promulgate, enlighten, report, cue, herald, declare, reveal, announce, acquaint, convey, publish, clue in, tell, send word, suggest, fill in.

Sense 1

bring forward, drop a letter, enlighten, serve notice, clue in, acquaint, leave word, pronounce, reaffirm, drop a line, issue.

Sense 2

declare, unveil, convey, render, educate.

Sense 3

enter, fill in, notice, rule.

Sense 9



familiarize with.


clue in.



Other synonyms and related words:

appreciate, give notice, tell, promulgate, announce, enunciate, apprize, displace, herald, clue in, acquaint, advertise, can, address, leave word, rule, reveal, communicate, revalue, report, give the axe, convey, propose, fire, send away, proclaim, serve notice, apprise, dismiss, educate, notice, render, sack, publish, send word, terminate, unveil, declare, enlighten, enter, circulate, force out.

Usage examples for notify:

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