Pronunciation of Air
/ˈe͡ə/, /ˈe‍ə/, /ˈeə/

Antonyms for air:

suppress, conceal.

Synonyms for air:

Sense 1

fan, airless, unison, fire, RAGA, central heating, nocturne, octet, string quartet, duet, dhobi, intermezzo, variation, declare, peal, washday, aver, gas fire, interlude, hang up, launderette, lag, pontificate, ironing, iron-on, haze, affectedness, immersion heater, sextet, dense, heaven, cantata, burner, medley, Breathable, ventilator, fanfare, recording, relative humidity, furnace, pronounce on, pitch in, millibar, dry clean, wedding march, fugue, expose, heating, space heater, airy, laundry, heater, welkin, Remix, character, air-conditioned, dehumidifier, opine, flue, laundromat, articulate, ventilation, tone poem, pressurized, opus, stifling, fantasia, FRESH AIR, rhapsody, map, airflow, editorialize, track, speak out, washing, humidity, stove, heat, radiator, boiler, septet, scherzo, ionizer, air conditioner, critique, dance, convector, notify, sea air, fan heater, request, trio, oratorio, sound off, requiem, washing day, quintet, air conditioning, hang out.

Sense 2

firmament, boil, launder, smoky, remark, load, represent, andante, wash out, run by, adagio, march, rarefied, criticism, rag, formulate, allegro, chant, generalize, wash, solo, groove, mashup, demo, rare, speak up, drip-dry, largo, mix, observe, duo, prelude, waterproof, theme, rework, ozone, protest.

Sense 3

come off, voluntary, study, bass, express, forte, comment, voice, airborne, setting.

Sense 4

mass, thin, review, vote, thermal, mood, exhalation, iron.

Sense 5

feeling, thick, state, press, blast, number, record, register, presence, current, spin, put out.

Sense 6

cut, come out, tone.

Sense 8

pass, put.









state of mind




Other synonyms and related words:

aerate, railway line, lineage, articulate, gentle wind, put, transfer, send, lag, furnace, forte, unison, affectedness, variation, attitude, business, bare, commit, crease, pipeline, stress, heating, study, breed, institutionalize, place, channelise, argumentation, lay, beam, heat, iron, duet, character, ozone, criticism, washing, strip, color, denude, crinkle, blast, picnic, editorialize, contrast, line of credit, rail line, communicate, mass, melodic phrase, activate, parentage, ironing, fan, aura, circularize, temper, heaven, nervous strain, pass, line of products, tonal pattern, theme, post, comment, seam, impart, andante, tone, ventilation, dense, atmospheric state, walkover, glow, circulate, put out, review, simulation, phone line, carry, boil, demo, flavor, pressurized, sort, agate line, billet, chant, institutionalise, fire, variant, airborne, snap, fashion, septet, flying, logical argument, expose, denudate, assembly line, stemma, discuss, airwave, feeling, publicize, opus, port, opine, line of merchandise, get off, glory, rhapsody, sky, pedigree, aerial, circularise, warble, nimbus, distribute, line of work, production line, halo, ambiance, pontificate, behaviour, fantasia, cinch, transmit, mood, telephone line, quintet, FRESH AIR, give, note, expression, odor, march, broadcast, channel, line of reasoning, spin, medley, voice, origin, give vent, boiler, nocturne, flue, sextet, adagio, communication channel, bank line, prelude, furrow, mental strain, style, generalize, exhalation, largo, ancestry, breath, transport, oratorio, dry clean, send off, airflow, wash, standard pressure, air-conditioned, burner, diffuse, cantata, occupation, aureole, represent, puff, drip-dry, pass around, publicise, track, business line, air travel, presence, ventilate, formulate, demarcation, allegro, advertise, convey, dehumidifier, zephyr, product line, job, airless, ship, airmanship, state, ambience, notify, convector, disperse, advertize, oxygenate, airy, interlude, blood line, transmission line, course, stove, bulletin, atm, waft, blood, intermezzo, solo, mail, personal credit line, firmament, air power, requiem, oxygenize, smell, oxygenise, welkin, recording, melodic line, short letter, current, Breathable, radiate, vent, laundry, spread, disseminate, air out, shine, dhobi, declare, pushover, cable, station, tenor, express, setting, dividing line, thin, line of descent, aroma, remark, credit line, standard atmosphere, stock, channelize, feel, line of business, charge, press, karma, argument, bloodline, direct, aviation, pains, line, gloriole, propagate, striving, straining, strain, number, vibration, patina, descent, bass, wrinkle, nisus, rework.

Sense 1 (noun)

convector, air conditioning, air conditioner, sky, air-conditioned, ventilation, central heating, dehumidifier, boiler, burner, breath.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

cantata, theme, allegro, adagio, andante, bass, chant.

Sense 4 (noun)


Sense 5 (noun)

heaven, firmament, welkin.

Sense 6 (noun)


Sense 7 (noun)

feel, tone, smell, feeling, airborne, mood, dense, Breathable, airflow, airy, airless.

Sense 8 (noun)


Sense 9 (noun)

comment, pronounce on, state, articulate, formulate, remark, express, speak out, affectedness, sound off.

Sense 10 (noun)

come out, hang up, dry clean, dhobi, hang out, drip-dry, boil, come off.

air (noun)

atmosphere, oxygen, climate, weather.

appearance (noun)

cast, bearing, form, aspect, shape, image, figure, mien, demeanor, display, look, appearance, view, countenance, vista, spectacle.

attribute (noun)

atmosphere, aura.

behavior (noun)

manner, tactics, procedure, method, behavior, practice, deportment, way, carriage, conduct, comportment.

distinctive quality or character; style (noun)

aura, mien, deportment, flavor, feeling, appearance, atmosphere, pose, affectation, look, mood, feel, ambience, manner, comportment, bearing, mannerism, demeanor, presence, tone.

gases forming the atmosphere (noun)

puff, wind, waft, sky, blast, ventilation, ozone, zephyr, breath, draft, breeze.

melody (noun)


music (noun)

tune, ballad, score, harmony, blues, hymn, melody, ditty, music, concerto, quartet, aria, sonata, arrangement, instrumental, symphony, jazz, composition, serenade, ballet, lullaby, bebop, song, chorus, vocalization, lyric, psalm, syncopation, carol, concert.

musical tune (noun)

lay, theme, melody, aria, strain, song.

prevalent (noun)


state of mind (noun)


wind (noun)

cyclone, chinook, squall, breeze, trade wind, storm, hurricane, tornado, gale, gust, tempest, blizzard, whirlwind, draft, wind, twister.

express opinion publicly (verb)

put, state, communicate, disseminate, voice, broadcast, declare, display, publicize.

put into the atmosphere; freshen (verb)

circulate, ventilate, expose, aerate, oxygenate, fan.

touch (verb)


Usage examples for air:

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