Pronunciation of Setting
/sˈɛtɪŋ/, /sˈɛtɪŋ/, /s_ˈɛ_t_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for setting:


Synonyms for setting:

Sense 1

landscaping, bead, position, vicinity, venue, city, locality.

Sense 2

circumstances, citadel, service, whereabouts, site, stronghold, facet, change.

Sense 3

hub, capital, location.

Sense 5


Sense 6


Sense 8


Sense 11

base, part.

Sense 12

place, point.

Sense 13


Sense 25


mise en scene

Mise En Scene.

Other synonyms and related words:

conniption, context, telescope, reach, background signal, backcloth, orbit, backing, city, ambit, location, consideration, environment, scope, citadel, solidification, stage setting, background knowledge, ambient, landscaping, prospect, surroundings, bead, locality, climate, center, condition, spot, hub, aspect, background, atmosphere, range, panorama, compass, place, clime, facet, surround, Mise En Scene, riding horse, view, vicinity, milieu, picture, scene, venue, mountain, part, desktop, oscilloscope, climb, saddle horse, vista, fit, backdrop, whereabouts, terrain, place setting, tantrum, scenery, set, point, base, shot, screen background, conditions, circumstance, circumstances, charm, mount, position, change, way, site, environs, Contexture.

Sense 2 (noun)

place, site.

Sense 3 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

center, whereabouts, venue, location, base.

Sense 5 (noun)

charm, bead, facet.

arena (noun)

ring, courtyard, hall, dominion, room, turf, battlefield, gymnasium, gallery, area, province, locale, campus, ground, pen, amphitheater, theater, region, stage, arena, beat, precinct, hippodrome, enclosure, colosseum, circle, circuit, domain, circus, realm, bailiwick, field, auditorium, battle-ground.

conditions (noun)


environment (noun)


location (noun)


milieu (noun)


scene, background (noun)

location, set, context, surroundings, locale, backdrop, stage setting, site, environment.

scenery (noun)


setting (noun)

mount, background, scene, stage setting, scope, Mise En Scene, place setting.

solidification (noun)


stage setting (noun)

set, stage setting.

allotting (verb)

measuring, cutting, dealing, segmenting, Earmarking, apportioning, allocating, rationing, partitioning, sharing, dividing, budgeting, Allowing, Portioning, splitting, slicing, giving, Allotting, Distributing, Meting, parceling, Dispensing.

attributing (verb)

casting, Crediting, Blaming, connecting, assigning, Accrediting, Attaching, Placing, Imputing, Referring, Applying, branding, Acknowledging, marking, Attributing, Ascribing, Citing.

changing (verb)

Adapting, varying, transiting, Diversifying, reforming, Transforming, mutating, altering, fluctuating, Adjusting, Deviating, Transposing, Modifying, changing, Modulating, Converting, vacillating, Transfiguring.

compensating (verb)

tuning, Nullifying, balancing, Squaring, counterbalancing, Correcting, offsetting, Compensating, Counteracting, Neutralizing, Canceling.

congealing (verb)

thickening, Coagulating, Congealing, jelling, hardening, solidifying.

enacting (verb)

Decreeing, Ordaining, legislating, Enacting.

hardening (verb)


locating (verb)

positioning, putting, Stationing, locating, spotting, Unearthing, laying, Discovering, pinpointing, posting, situating, finding.

ordering (verb)

stabilizing, scheming, Forming, ordering, screening, Maintaining, integrating, composing, planning, settling, typing, framing, Arraying, Stratifying, Harmonizing, controlling, designing, schematizing, unsnarling, normalizing, programming, Preparing, ranking, Classing, supporting, categorizing, devising, Methodizing, fixing, Organizing, Mediating, arranging, structuring, subordinating, shaping, Separating, scheduling, Establishing, orchestrating, sorting, unifying, Systematizing, rating, rationalizing, grading, regulating, Marshalling, grouping, Righting, Collating, scoring, charting, sifting, Plotting, pigeonholing, Classifying.

preparing (verb)

fitting, fashioning, Constructing, outfitting, warming up, Formulating, Currying, developing, dressing, fostering, making, Furnishing, priming, drafting, readying, Mobilizing, equipping, Fabricating.

Usage examples for setting:

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