Pronunciation of Bearing
/bˈe͡əɹɪŋ/, /bˈe‍əɹɪŋ/, /b_ˈeə_ɹ_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for bearing:

nonbearing, extraneousness.

Synonyms for bearing:

Sense 1

northwards, flywheel, cog, importance, eastward, regulator, northwesterly, production, se, dynamo, skirt, cardinal point, eastwards, westward, spindle, spare part, sth, oil pan, northeastern, southernmost, inlet, pertinency, camshaft, westerly, materiality, nw, southward, guts, compression chamber, relevancy, appositeness, northward, southeasterly, northerly, northwestern, southerly, tooth, patience, southeast, sw, sprocket, piston, dial, hydraulics, southwest, northeast, vane, valve, pedal, easternmost, workings, seal, timer, gasket, pinion, photoelectric cell, tripwire, shovel, pose, magnetic north, brace, true north, connector, fertile, concernment, Combustion chamber, treadle, germaneness, cutout, module, moving part, westwards, skirting, northeasterly, westernmost, magnetic pole, heat pump, clockwork, supercharger, southwesterly, southern, ball bearing, manners, feeder, starter motor, northernmost, innards.

Sense 2

linkup, generation, easterly, north, bucket, guard, northwest, cylinder, remote control, poise, sleeve, stabilizer, machinery, S, instrumentation, button, motor, plunger, jaw, ram, compass, south, radiator, component, roller, ratchet, cam, socket, jacket, shaft.

Sense 3

value, ne, crank, controller, W, starter, collar, situation, wheel, west, claw, western, N, gear, drum, endurance.

Sense 4

east, intake, lock, belt, ancillary.

Sense 5

Onto, upper, remote.

Sense 6

part, feed.

Sense 7

With, movement.

Sense 10

balance, application.

Sense 13


Sense 19






Other synonyms and related words:

guardianship, vane, regulator, ball bearing, posture, coach, spindle, expression, se, impact, roller, association, jacket, remote, connection, Geste, eastward, pram, cog, behaviour, materiality, westernmost, boot, gasket, design, interest, passenger car, style, productive, burster, electric charge, module, southwesterly, air, easternmost, appositeness, object, mission, relation, explosive charge, bursting charge, With, belt, motor, valve, balance, shovel, concernment, claw, patience, load-bearing, go-cart, affinity, collar, purpose, feed, jaw, north, northwestern, button, stance, gear, ne, accusation, relevancy, upper, tutelage, push, poise, brace, movement, commission, southerly, southeast, pose, dynamo, cylinder, value, relationship, heraldic bearing, rig, armorial bearing, presence, germaneness, ratchet, set, compass, rush, pedal, bang, camshaft, head, generation, N, military capability, cathexis, western, situation, nw, front, military strength, fertile, production, breeding, billing, quarter, pertinency, drift, port, manners, intent, instrumentation, address, seal, crank, component, easterly, W, west, kick, thrill, westward, strength, endurance, attitude, kinship, importance, workings, gallery, westerly, military posture, fashion, care, cam, east, treadle, application, equipage, northwards, action, charge, flush, northwest, south, skirting, complaint, target, northeastern, point, ram, supporting, header, clockwork, liaison, northward.

Sense 1 (noun)

camshaft, ancillary, ball bearing, bucket, button, belt, cam.

Sense 2 (noun)

balance, poise, pose, address.

Sense 3 (noun)

eastward, east, easternmost, compass, cardinal point, easterly.

Sense 5 (noun)


Sense 6 (noun)

concernment, application, appositeness, materiality, pertinency, germaneness, relevancy.

appearance (noun)

display, image, cast, aspect, look, form, appearance, figure, air, vista, shape, show, countenance, spectacle, demeanor, view, mien.

bearing (noun)

heading, fix, orientation, inclination, location, position, course, vector, aim, direction.

behavior (noun)

deportment, address, manner, procedure, practice, method, behavior, tactics, way, carriage, guise, conduct, comportment.

direction (noun)

track, path, route, itinerary, trend, quarter.

heading (noun)

vector, heading.

importance (noun)


location (noun)

heading, aim.

person's conduct, posture (noun)

demeanor, poise, manner, set, carriage, attitude, look, presence, mien, address, port, deportment, comportment, aspect, behavior, air, front, pose, display.

quarter (noun)


relevance (noun)

fittingness, pertinence, relevance, appropriateness, applicability.

significance (noun)

pertinence, relation, relevance, connection, application.

stance (noun)

stance, attitude.

support (noun)


abiding (verb)

persisting, suffering, Undergoing, abiding, going on, Tarrying, lingering, remaining, Experiencing, persevering, lasting, putting up with, Tolerating, continuing, enduring.

bringing (verb)

drawing, bringing, fetching, inducing, Attracting, Transporting, adducing, Carrying, conveying, Transferring, imparting, conducting.

carrying (verb)

shifting, sending, Dispatching, transmitting, Delivering, Expressing, hauling, Removing, carting, moving.

effect (verb)


heading (verb)

steering, Aiming, vectoring, fixing.

Usage examples for bearing:

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