Pronunciation of Consent
/kənsˈɛnt/, /kənsˈɛnt/, /k_ə_n_s_ˈɛ_n_t/

Antonyms for consent:

differ, denial, disallow, disapprove, rejection, refusal, prohibition, refuse, veto, deny, repudiate, ban, disagree.

Synonyms for consent:

Sense 1

commend, sign off, countenance, go along with, free rein, toleration, undertake, humor, admittance, dismissal, accredit, bow to, subscribe, sign up, lend oneself to, recommend, informed consent, use, say-so, exemption, opt in, take up on, rubber stamp, greenlight.

Sense 2

yes, admission, access, dispensation, O.K..

Sense 3

come around or round, nod.


live with.


take up on, go along with.


sign up.


leave, clearance.




free will.

Other synonyms and related words:

dispensation, sufferance, bow to, recommend, admit, coincide, access, take on, fancy, lend oneself to, use, content, toleration, congruity, clearance, accredit, harmonize, combine, symmetry, green light, nod, exemption, apply, dismissal, admission, assume, take, union, harmony, go along with, leave, countenance, go for, authority, try for, consonance, take to, come round, subscribe, unity, undertake, commend, yes, consistency, bear, live with, have, free will, acceptance, rubber stamp, Granting, acknowledge, unison, hope, take over.

Sense 1 (noun)

sign up, go along with, undertake.

Sense 2 (noun)

subscribe, nod, accredit, recommend, yes.

Sense 3 (noun)

authority, dispensation, O.K., exemption.

agreement (noun)

arrangement, deal, acceptance, covenant, consensus, settlement, bond, accordance, empathy, treaty, agreement, capitulation, accord, understanding, pact, concurrence, acquiescence, unanimity, compact, concord, accession, stipulation, concordance.

agreement; concession (noun)

accord, green light, acquiescence, approval, sanction, concurrence, understanding, permission, allowance, permit, leave, compliance, yes, sufferance, authorization, blessing, assent.

approval (noun)

affirmation, permission, authentication, confirmation, Underwriting, ratification, endorsement, approval, approbation.

authorization (noun)

authorization, entitlement, designation, empowerment, notarization, validation, enfranchisement, certification, blessing.

compliance (noun)

conformance, conformity, deference, obeisance, genuflection, submissiveness, submission, resignation, obedience, meekness, observance, servility, willingness, homage, adherence, fealty, fulfillment, compliance.

consent (noun)

accept, go for, allowance.

enthusiasm (noun)


general agreement (noun)


harmony (noun)


leave (noun)

sufferance, leave.

permit (noun)


praise (noun)


promise (noun)

obligation, engagement, assurance, oath, mutual agreement.

agree (verb)

concede, bless, promise, endorse, affirm, approve, assent, welcome, allow, contract, accept, sanction, stipulate, knuckle under, cooperate, subscribe, conform, pledge, concur, comply, acquiesce, let, agree, accede, yield, capitulate, empathize.

approve (verb)

approbate, ratify, certify, confirm, validate, underwrite, permit, authorize, authenticate.

authorize (verb)

countersign, enfranchise, deputize, designate, notarize, license, entitle, empower, ordain, commission, enable, warrant, denominate.

communication (verb)

go for, accept.

comply (verb)

bow, cave, cede, obey, fulfill, surrender, succumb, respect, kowtow, knuckle under, observe, submit, yield, genuflect, adhere, comply, defer, bend.

consent (verb)

allow, let, condone.

permit (verb)

concede, tolerate, release.

promise (verb)

assure, guarantee, vow, swear.

Usage examples for consent:

  • If he would consent to call himself master of Castle Richmond, Clara's hand might still be his. - "Castle Richmond", Anthony Trollope.
  • Does she consent to live in Osterno? - "The Sowers", Henry Seton Merriman.

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